10 Upcoming Events Every Woman Needs to Look Into!

10 Upcoming Events Every Woman Needs to Look Into!

 The Ultimate Women’s Expo (Los Angeles May 19th-20th), The United State of Women (May 5th- 6th) and the Women Speak: The Empowerment Movement (May 16th)

Women are changing the game! We are finding our voices and becoming more and more unafraid of using them. Women’s marches and hashtag movements are just some of the ways to get involved, make a difference, and ultimately change the world. There is strength in numbers as we have seen, and these upcoming events are leading the way.


1.    The Ultimate Women’s Expo (Los Angeles May 19th-20th)


This event is the ultimate ladies day out! You get all of the things you love in one huge room. From shopping to beauty treatments and all the latest gadgets, this event is one for the ages. This year, Mobile Styles is a proud Southern California partner and will be one for the books. The expo is the ultimate mixer. You will be in a room with thousands of positive and encouraging women, hear from celebrity keynote speakers, and have a chance to connect with people personally and professionally!

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2.    The United State of Women (May 5th- 6th)


This is not just a meeting of the minds. This is a conference where powerful women and allies from all over the country gather and work to break barriers that stand between women and full equality. The women who attend this event connect with leading organizations and allies and turn energy into action by taking the skills and relationships they build at this conference and using it to facilitate change at every level and every industry. This event is great for women looking to change the course of history in a positive way.


3.    Women Speak: The Empowerment Movement (May 16th)


There is nothing more dangerous than an empowered woman. She is fierce, confident, and strong! We need more women like this. Hosted by the Leila Grace Foundation, the Women Speak event is set to help women of all backgrounds to take a stand against gender discrimination and abuse in the workplace. Keynote speakers will lead the discussion on women’s empowerment with the intention of eradicating this kind of injustice toward women. This event is great for women looking to take a stand and become a part of a huge movement.


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4.    You Can Do Anything in a Dress (or a Tie) (May 20th)


The Dressember Foundation does it again! For the past five years thousands of advocates against human trafficking and raised over $5 million dollars toward the cause. They do that by raising awareness and having the advocates wear dresses (or a tie) for the entire month of December. This year they will host a special 5k event for runners and joggers across Southern California. Runners and joggers will be wearing a dress, tie, or both for this fundraising event. This is perfect for those active women who want to effect change in the area of human trafficking.


5.    Women Empowering Women Fitness Event (May 12th)


If you want to start, continue, or inspire other women in their fitness journey, then this is the event for you! This one-day event sets the course for you to gain knowledge about fitness, be around encouraging women, and truly put you first. You will hear from awesome motivational speakers and be inspired to make a change that starts with you!


6.    Women In Television Summit (May 21st)


If you are in the entertainment industry, this event may be one you want to participate in. This is a new program that highlights women in entertainment who have made a difference with their voices and actions. The goal of this summit is to spark more dialogue about current and emerging topics in a deeper, more meaningful way with the hopes of creating lasting change!


7.    Women, Wine, and Wisdom – Your Career Path (April 19th)


This event is helping women find their way into the workforce. If you are discovering your passion, thinking of changing careers, or moving into a higher position, this discussion will teach you what it takes to shift your career while gaining an opportunity to connect and engage with like-minded women.


8.     A Night with Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter (April 24th)


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Patrisse Khan-Cullors is an artist, freedom fighter and co-founder of Black Lives Matter. She is leading a discussion about the deep roots of systemic racism, survival, strength, and the role of society in the matter. This night will serve as a platform for not only the important discussion surrounding the above-mentioned topics but also a time to honor Patrisse for her visionary work and contribution to society.


9.    Limitless Women (April 20th -22nd)


This annual event creates a space for 100 women entrepreneurs to come together to connect and share resources. It is hosted by Legacy Leaders Global and the charity partner for this event is EWomenNetwork Foundation. Women will have the chance to be inspired by keynote speaker and participate in mastermind sessions. This event is great for women who have a spirit of service and want to connect with like-minded individuals!

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10. Cities Leading Women: NACW 48th Annual Conference (August 1st-4th)


This conference attracts women and supporters from across the country who are looking to rejuvenate their mind and spirit. This conference equips women with the tools they need to go out into the world and inspire change in their families and communities in a positive way. This event is hosted by the National Association of Commissions for Women.


These are just a few of the events that are taking place this year. There are tons to choose from, most of which can be found on the Eventbrite website. This is a great time to get involved and support women from all walks of life. So find your tribe and make a difference!


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