Watch Out for These Men’s Grooming Trends in 2018

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Which men’s grooming trends will be hot this year and which ones will be going out of fashion? Mobile Styles chats with three top men’s grooming specialists to find out which guys’ hairstyles will be the most popular in 2018. Here’s what they had to say:


Director of Education for Sam Villa

[Pictured Above: Andrew Carruthers courtesy of Andrew Carruthers]


Three Top Trend Picks:

[Photo from Andrew Carruthers’ Americana Collection: Hair by Andrew Carruthers, Photography by Shalem Mathew, Styling by Michelle Boucher]


Lived-in Barber Shop Styles

Guys are still looking for the bold shapes of the barber trend, but now they want a more grown-in vibe.

[Photo from Andrew Carruthers’ Americana Collection: Hair by Andrew Carruthers, Photography by Shalem Mathew, Styling by Michelle Boucher]


Grown Out

Lengths are getting a little longer and very deconstructed with a loosely thrown back finish.   

[Photo from Andrew Carruthers’ NAHA Collection: Hair by Andrew Carruthers, Photography by Andrew Carruthers and Jake Thompson]


70s Shag

For the long-haired set, instead of the layers being worn super long and grown out, watch for the surface layers to get shorter inspired by the shag.


Favorite products for achieving the trends:

Andrew recommends Redken Brews Clay Pomade for adding a lived-in feel to shorter hair. Redken Fashion Waves 07 is the must-have for longer styles that need a little grit without the shine.


Celebrity hairstyle influencers:

“Bradley Cooper always holds onto the super lived-in look and Kit Harington is a great example of the revival of the 70s vibe,” shares Andrew.


Say goodbye to these trends:

Carruthers predicts, “The hard undercut with the super long top is starting to fizzle out. Within the next year or so it will most likely fall off the radar.”



Hair Lab Detroit’s Multi-Award Nominated Barber Styling Educator

[Pictured Above: Rodrick Samuels courtesy of Rodrick Samuels]


Three Top Trend Picks:

Rodrick selects crew cuts, crop cuts, and curls as the hottest men’s styles of 2018.  


[Photo from Rodrick Samuels’ Macedonia Collection, Photography by Travis Teate]


Best Tools for Getting the Looks:

To achieve these looks Rodrick would use Andis Clippers for the sides, and Moto Shears to create the texture on top. For the curly styles, it’s all about perms. If you don’t have curly hair, Rodrick suggests trying an Iso Perm for the best-looking curls.


Celebrity Tastemakers:

“Puff Daddy has always influenced trends in short hair. Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl look was hot! On the curly side of things, Orlando-Bloom and Shia LaBeouf are always rocking them.”


Been There, Done That:

Rodrick says, “The men’s trends that will be going out of style are the side parts, the spiked tops and please let the man bun go already!”



Join the Hair Journey®️ National Educator

[Pictured Above: Joshua Ladner courtesy of Joshua Ladner]


Product Perfection:

These looks are all about matte finish and stronghold. Using a product like Reformer from Paul Mitchell’s Mitch line will give a great pliable hold. For the all over one length short hairstyles, a pomade is perfect to keep the scalp and hair looking shiny and dimensional. “For blended fades, I love using a semi-matte product that allows for shine and hold. It allows for the hair to look seamless. Try Clean Cut by Mitch,” Joshua advises.


[Image courtesy of Joshua Ladner]


Most Requested Celeb Style:

Joshua reveals, “Justin Timberlake rocked the shorter one length cut at the Super Bowl, and I have had a lot of guests requesting this style. It’s easy and with a nice beard can look very masculine.”


Style Duds:

Joshua thinks hard parts will be going out of style. “It’s all about the blend.”


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