The usual GoWiVa has the main troops as follows:

Golem : As tank troops

Wizard: As usual they are the best troops for attacking from a distance

Valkyrie: With the new update, they are really good for destroying multiple buildings.

This strategy has 2 main draw backs:

1. Loss of too much of dark elixir.

2. Valkyries are really fast. They run much faster than golems and start receiving hits thereby defeating the purpose of deploying golems. 



Here, I replaced one golem with a pekka because of the following reasons:

1. Pekka has good hit points

2. It is the best melee troop

3. It is not as slow as a golem so it keeps near to valkyries

4. It is made by elixir. So the dark elixir loss is decreased.


Troop composition

Dark troops

1 Golem

8 valkyries

2 hogs

1 minion


1 Pekka

9 wizards

6 wall breakers

20 archers

1 barbarian


3 heal spell

1 poison

Troop deployment:

1. Use the two hogs to lure clan castle troops.

2. Kill them using your archers and poison

3. Deploy your Golem from the side of maximum defence structures.(Now forget about it)

4. Deploy the wizards and make sure that your pekka will go inside.

5. Release the wall breakers taking care of mortar hits.

6. Release pekka and your king.

7. Release the wall breakers, if needed, for a path for pekka.

8. Now release the valkyries straight into the base.

9. If they go inside, be ready with your heal spells. Drop heal spells when you get the opportunity.i,e after they are hit by giant bomb OR they are in between a group of buildings within the same group of walls or when they are busy destroying walls while receiving hits.

10. If they go out, use the remaining wizards, wall breakers, archers to redirect valkyries inside.

11. Use the king’s ability when needed.

12. Let the ladies finish off their work!!!!

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