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Discipline isn’t about showing a dog who’s boss; it’s about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world. — Cesar Millan

Dogs are like humans, they need to learn and unlearn things. They need to be trained for things that are unfamiliar to them. As a dog owner, we must understand how our dogs work outside and inside our home. Thus,  we must discipline them in a proper yet effective way that we can.

Our dogs do mess up sometimes and we easily blame them for not doing it right. But how can they learn from their mistakes if we keep on blaming them and not teaching them the right house rules? To prevent this from happening, follow these tips on how to potty train your dog effectively:

Set A Routine

First step is to set a daily routine that your dog will get used to do every day. We can start this step by placing them in the same area. This should be done every morning to keep the consistent process of your dog by learning the habit. They just need to be guided through the process of learning for them to apply it on their own. Also, don’t forget to reward your dog as he accomplishes this task.

Set A Regular Feeding Schedule

Dogs are like humans. If they eat, it only means that they are hungry. But too much food is not good for a dog, and we know every time they eat something, they also need to get this out of their body. Too much food can cause a dog to mess up everywhere in the house because of their urgency to do so.

We can start this step by setting an alarm clock for their meals each day. With a consistent feeding schedule, they can keep up their proper behavior towards food and their need to defecate. Your dog can be disciplined for feeding if we have time to correct their actions, and set them to a proper expectation every day.

Don’t Be Negative

If you saw your dog doing things in a wrong manner, don’t punish them or scold at them. Otherwise, you are only making things hard for them to learn. Dogs can feel your anger and your frustration, and it will create a distance for a dog to see you like this.

The key to a successful potty training is patience. Consider these tips as you start house training your dog but always keep in mind that learning takes time. But if potty training is not your thing, don’t hesitate to contact a professional dog trainer to help you out.

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