What is this life if full of care, there’s no time to stand and stare? I can’t remember the last time I stood and stared. Is it because I didn’t, or is it because I don’t remember? I really don’t know. Why? Maybe I’m busy sorting out the stuff in my mind.

Our minds, I tell you, are no Google Inboxes where you get drafts, sent items, spam, personal inbox, social inbox, all neat and sorted! It is nothing less than a beverage shop in Kerala where all the thoughts, like ardent drinkers, are pushing their way in, falling over each other and blocking each other’s way. Is there a way to get all this mess cleared? So we can stand and stare, peacefully, you know??

There is no This-solves-it-All method, but there is definitely this something that I’ll recommend to you. Some preachers call it Yoga, others call it meditation. I call it- well- Stand and Stare.

That’s because Yoga, meditation- these words bring to me images of saints in yellow or orange with closed eyes and beaded neckpieces, images of people in track suits- all bent up in typical Yoga postures. This stuff bores me. For all those lazy boos like me out there, I recommend my Stand and Stare.

The basic purpose of Yoga is to focus your thought onto one single stream. I found out recently that (just personal experience) that even if you focus on each and every thought passing your mind, you are doing the same exercise. Just be with yourself, feeling every breath you take, every wave of wind hitting you. It is a wonderful feeling- when you live in that moment. I have never derived this pleasure from sessions of the prototyped meditation. You can keep your eyes closed or open depending on your level of comfort. Well, this is my kind of meditation. I think it will have the same effect on you as Yoga- your mind becomes less unruly, you start to focus more. The more you train your mind like this, the more you begin to live in the present.

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  1. This is something new…maybe
    This is something new…maybe its wat I do always…I call it day dreaming…;P

    1. aman…no daydreaming is
      aman…no daydreaming is different. You arent living in the present when you day dream…you are in some other world!!

  2. Mindfulness meditation is
    Mindfulness meditation is what it is supposed to be called. It takes a sharp mind to perform it efficiently

    1. oh…mindful meditation…
      oh…mindful meditation….and i thought i could take a patent on this 😉

  3. I love meditation. But
    I love meditation. But nowadays, I rarely get time. Perhaps, this is a non-time-consuming-way of it! But I do leave in the present and I am proud to say that. Some examples of living in the present include not studying for incoming exams, not doing tomorrow’s home work, etc!

  4. After reading your article I
    After reading your article I realized that what we all miss in our life is some quality tine for ourselves. just to be quiet and filter our thoughts. and believe me it really works and miraculously some problems resolves on its own.
    waiting for more!

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