transient waves

“Mr. Brad …. Mr. Brad….” , a figure was growing more prominent in front of me, startling me back to reality from a day dream which seemed so beautiful to have such a tragic end.

“If you are not interested, you may very well leave the class”, spat Miss Lisa towering over me like a tree caught in a bad storm.

“Grow up, for heaven’s sake, and start to live your life Brad”, exhaled the botanist whose hairs were turning a deep shade of grey as she retreated back to her weary routine.

“Not again!”, Brad cursed behind his breath feeling beaten up. “Am I the only one lost in this world?”, he thought as memories rushed through his mind.

“Brad you suck… you SUCK… a LOVER” Emma yelled. “You let me down and I don’t want you anymore in my life” amidst her sobs.

“I LOATHE myself for even thinking of having a life with you”, she cried as she walked away towards the lone shadows of the night.


“Brad my chap, whom do you want to grow up to be? “Charlie asked his five year old who was busy sorting through his toy kit.

“I want to be a racer, pops….”chimed Brad as he took a toy car and imitated a leap.

“Don’t you want to have a life, young man?” Rosie called from the kitchen as she skilfully cut the vegetables for dinner.

“No Maa, please, I want to be a racer only” he protested tearfully.

“Listen my boy, as you grow up you will get to know what life is all about!” consoled Charlie, as he cuddled him.


“Charlie you can’t do this! At least think about Brad” Rosie pleaded as she frantically tried to block his way.

“No, I want my life back and I have found someone worth to share it with” Charlie told, “Please don’t come walking into my life anymore” as he pushed her to one side.

“And what about my life?…….You bastard! You ruined it!” Rosie wept in vain.


“Buddy, you know what, I got admission in New Hampshire. My parents think it’s the best for me.” Ted disclosed as he held Brad’s hands, “I will be leaving this Saturday and….. And… hope I get to see you again in my life”, he hugged Brad with tears in his eyes.

Life….life…. life…                                        

‘What actually is the so called “life” which all these faces tried to teach him?’ Brad thought.

Was it Miss Lisa’s with a crippled son and a widow daughter who still hung on to her for support, making her more sombre? Or Emma’s where her new boyfriend had cheated on her with a six month old baby. Or his parents, who are desperately searching for the “perfect match” for their lives? Or Ted, who is trying hard to clear his failed papers?

“Brad get up and leave the class” roared Miss Lisa, intruding into my finely woven ideologies. “I am not going to tolerate any more of this” she breathed like a mad bull.

As he took his bag and walked towards the door he looked back at the old classroom with time stricken walls badly in need of some hue, where he spent the last three years of his age hoping to fit in.

He saw no “Prince Charmings” or “Sleeping Beauties” who were waiting for their “happily ever after” in those monotonous figures that crowded the classroom. Just a few usual characters being swept forth by the tides of time bound by the cobwebs of relations and pay offs.

  “Thank you Miss Lisa, now I know what I want in life!” , he muttered under his breath as he left the dreary voices of those four walls.

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  1. The selection of words and
    The selection of words and imagery was awe-inspiring… And the diamond message hidden in this golden necklace of story makes me say- write a novel Abhi… (Y)

  2. Beautiful story, man! You
    Beautiful story, man! You only write rarely, but when you do, you come up with gems like this! Keep writing!

  3. I dont know how to thank you
    I dont know how to thank you all this encouraging words.especially, u rana and typeitout for inspiring me to write again, which I thought was something long forgetten.
    yea vinam,i will surely consider that if MBBS doesn’t squeeze me inside out by then:-P.
    @sruthy thanks for all the promotions pal <3

  4. Hey Chimpa!!! Happy to know
    Hey Chimpa!!! Happy to know that you still have that literary thing going on.. I am really astounded by this work of yours.. You must seriously go for the bigger ones Chimp.. This is simply splendid!!!

  5. jeev <3 <3... haa buddy I
    jeev <3 <3... haa buddy I would try if god permits and if life doesn't take anymore unexpected turns
    your words really mean a lot

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