Self medication

Self Medication -A Road to Self Destruction

Self medication is a human behavior
in which a person uses SELF PRESCRIBED drugs to treat undiagnosed &
untreated medical ailments. While self medicating, most of the people don’t
realize that they are not actually treating themselves but moving slowly
towards self destruction. In India
where most of the pharmacist shops are not run by trained pharmacists it is not
a big deal to get most of the medicines which are supposed to be sold only at
physician’s advice. But before you self-medicate please try to realize the
following potential threats of Self-Medication:-        

• Anti Microbial Resistance: Anti
microbial resistance means desensitization of the micro organism towards an
anti microbial which results in attenuation of the effects of anti microbial on
the infection causing organism. It is the most serious problem that has emerged
worldwide due to reckless and uncontrolled indiscriminate usage of
antimicrobials (Commonly called Antibiotics) and self medication of
antimicrobials is a major cause for it. Use of antimicrobials should be done
only after a physician’s advice because not every antibiotic is meant for every
infection and your Doctor will know better than you which antibiotic do you
really need.                  

• Improper dosage: A physician
knows how much of a drug is needed to be given and what should be the time
interval between the subsequent drug intakes. Self medication may lead to
overdose of drugs and most of the drug overdoses are accompanied by lethal side
effects like Liver damage, vomiting, seizures, Kidney damage and some may even
lead to death due to cardiac arrhythmia and depression of central nervous
system (Brain).                  

• Habituation: Some drugs may
lead to habituation i.e. Addiction. Such drugs are mostly the drugs which act
on brain and should be taken with great care of all the advices given by your
physician and should never be repeated without the advice of the physician

“Self medication is an Agro-chemical that makes self destruction
grow faster”

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  1. Good work taking a step

    Good work taking a step towards public awareness in this regard. It is high time for people to start realizing why a doctor is called a doctor and what it takes for some body to be in that position. Keep writing like this!

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