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The Six Footer – Part 01

A shadow of 6’5” height stood behind the lady. The man, who was little obese, with his face painted in different colour, was staring at this young lady of age 25. She was boisterously taken to the vehicle from the seashore.  No one was there in the seashore. She began to desist herself from the man. She hit him with her handbag and pulled his hairs. He got hurt by her handbag. He got hold of the handbag and threw it. He sprayed chloroform and made her silent. After 15 minutes, a person with French beard and perfect physique came there. He was waiting for an hour and began to walk around the shore. He saw the handbag of the woman. He found a few wet blood stains and hairs. The hair was short and thin. He understood that it can’t be a girl’s hair especially Shruthi’s. He is Suseender. Professionally, a forensic science expert and passionately, a detective. He came to know that something wrong happened to his woman. He collected the handbag, blood samples and hair. He took it to his friend’s lab. Though his friend was not there, the hospital gave him permission to test it. He found that it is the hair of a man. The hair was thin and breakable. He might have an inflammatory scalp or Cushing’s syndrome (increased level of Cortisol hormone caused by adrenal gland) or hereditary problem in parathyroid gland. He tested the blood sample. A shocking thing was found. The person was having a genetic disorder known as Criminal Syndrome. This produces a 47,XYY karyotype which occurs 1 in 1,000 male births. In a human gene there should be 46 chromosomes. The last pair of chromosome is known as the sex chromosome. The sex chromosome decides whether the gender is male (xy) or female (xx).

 Before leaving the lab, he checked the handbag. The ring which he presented to her was not there. It looks like a toy ring but it has a remote sensing chip and camera inside. He knows that one day, his detective job can bring a problem to her. Before operating the remote sensing software in the ring, he took the problem to his friend Ram, who works at the lab. He asked him about the criminal syndrome generally as if he didn’t tell anything about the girlfriends kidnapping. He questioned   Ram about criminal syndrome and behaviour of the person.   Ram questioned him:

“Why are you asking about criminal syndrome?”

He replied: “Just to know”

Ram began to explain about the criminal syndrome. Giving birth is a miracle that does not happen easily, not only in man but also in every other animal. If a couple give birth to a child, the right time to have intercourse is in the middle days of the month because the sperms of the man don’t have many problems to reach the ovum. If they had intercourse during the beginning or the end of the month, the immune system may destroy the spermatozoa, because the female’s immune system identify the sperm as a foreign object and remove it. Persons affected with the Criminal syndrome are also normal humans except for a few physical and internal changes. The main disadvantage is that they get attracted to the negative and evil things easily. Their face will have more acne than that of a normal human being, they will be growing at a rate of 6’3” to 6’5” by the age of eighteen itself, and these persons are not sterile as in some other genetic diseases. They have less IQ than their sibling.

Suseender left the lab in the hospital and reached home. He began to operate the remote sensing chip and camera inside it. She was kept in a place Alandur outside the Chennai city. He decided to go and get her. Before that he found two men coming inside the room where she was left.

“I want to take her to Iraiyur to fulfil my father’s wish” the man wearing raincoat said.                  

“When are you going to take her to the village appa” he replied.                                                      

“By day after tomorrow morning I will be leaving the city with you and her.                                                                       

 “Ok Myshkin I will meet you tomorrow” father said.                                                                                        

“He nodded and bid bye to his father”.                                                                                                

 Despite I can’t see the fathers face, I was able to see the boy. As I guessed the son should be the boy with a criminal’s syndrome.  The morphological statement about the person with criminal’s syndrome given by Ram suits. Though I knew where they are taking Shruthi, I don’t know why they are kidnapping and taking her to Iraiyur. I took the Tamilnadu map and searched Iraiyur. It is a village in Villupuram district next to Chennai. I decided collect details about Shruthi and her family. She was the only child in her home. Her father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker. Her father doesn’t belong to Chennai. He belongs to the village Iraiyur. Her father is a son of Anbarasan zamindar. So I found that motive of the kidnapping might be for money or property. Next day I went to the village Iraiyur in Villupuram district. I took a long walk through the mud road in that village. After few minutes I found a few houses in the village. I sat on the open space outside a house. An old lady came out and questioned him

“What do you want? Who are you?”                                     

“I am an agriculturalist from the government, I just came here for sightseeing” he replied.                        

“Can you give me some water Amma” he asked politely. She went into tears and asked him to wait for few seconds.

 “What is your name, how many children do you have, where is your husband” he questioned rapidly without gap.

“No one is with me I am living alone” she nodded with tears.

“I don’t want ask you further about your family, I am sorry” he replied

“It’s ok. Did you finish your sightseeing?” she asked.

“No I will complete it by tomorrow” he replied.

“Where are you going to stay” she asked.

“I don’t know” he replied.

“You can stay here and finish your sightseeing by tomorrow” she offered him.

After the night dinner, he asked about the Zamindars in Iraiyur.

“I don’t feel sleepy, can you tell me about the peoples and Zamindars in the village?”

“Why are you asking it?”

“I am not only and agriculturalist. I am also a writer. If you tell about them, it will be useful for my writing: he said.

“Many Zamindars lived in Iraiyur. About whom should I say?” she asked.

“You can tell about Anbarasan Zamindar” he replied with hesitation. That hesitation gave her a gut feeling and she started questioning him.

“Why are you asking about him? Who are you? Tell me the truth”

He told about everything that happened.

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