Daringly True Love

          One of the most dangerous games ever played in the history of mankind was ready to engulf me. I didn’t sign up for it. I have a set of demons dwelling over head for years in the name of friends made me to. I am not sure what will be the consequence! Accordingly, I am not ready to run away from it. I and five of my friends were sitting on the terrace in a circular pattern at Sunaina’s home. Sunaina my best friend whose right is to irritate me at a continuous basis as her birth right took the weapon in her hands. She rotated the weapon placed at the center and the weapon faced me at the end after completing several circular motions. She gave me the options to choose TRUTH OR DARE. With audacity to face the problems, I chose dare. I thought of reverse the daily happening. I was confident to make Sunaina feel annoyed. I was for whatever comes on the way and make sure to attain a landslide victory of dare.

          Then, she asked me to take her to a coffee shop nearby and she will identify a sales girl or cashier to whom I should make a proposal for marriage. After identifying the right person by Sunaina, I should make a proposal immediately and if I back off, I am bound to be punished. As a punishment I will be asked to roam around the city for a day with half shaved moustache and beard along with my idiot friends. This time I am not ready to give up. Without any hesitation, I accepted to challenge and we have left to the coffee shops nearby. She grabbed her go pro camera. She wants to record the embarrassment as a video and post it on her Youtube page. Such a shrewd content creator she is!!!

          The first coffee shop which we visited was TEABOY. The shop stood according to the name, there were no ladies working for the shop. I felt something was not right. It was like a hidden message to me not to indulge in such activity. So, we left to the next shop in search of salesgirl for a marriage proposal. Hope I would not end up in jail. Next, we visited TEA TIME which was managed by two ladies. Unfortunately, both of them were married as we identified based typical Indian married women looks. Their looks spoke out loud.

          With a sense of quest for identifying the future date for me, we ended up in the next coffee shop named CHAI KINGS. This time we found a young girl who was working for the shop. She might be around 20 to 25 years old. She was the only woman working at that premises. We grabbed a cup of coffee and sat for some time and observed. Sunaina asked me to complete the dare by presenting a marriage proposal to that salesgirl. Within few minutes, there arrived a gig worker who came to pick up the delivery order on behalf of Zomato parked his vehicle outside the shop. He was the same age as of the salesgirl. Simultaneously, I found weighty spark in her eyes, curvy smile with a gentle blush, adjusting few strands of hair into the hairnet near her ears.

          The guy pulled the side stand and parked the bike by sliding to the left side. He had a stressed straight face before entering the coffee shop. As he opened the door and started approaching the salesgirl to pick up the delivery, his face started glowing with a sparkling smile. I identified there was sudden change in his mind set. It was as if he was waiting for this moment whole day. Concurrently the sales girl who was holding the parcel had a change of facial expression. Her face turned out to be straight from a smiling face. I felt she was deliberately hiding her feelings for some reason. The guy picked up the parcel with a broad smile for her and yet she was stern with her body language while providing the parcel. From her face, I came to know that certain thoughts running behind her mind. Though the girl looked tough to him, he never changed his mind to shut down the smile. Being a man, I understood that the smile he carried for her would probably last for the whole day on his face.

          After receiving the parcel, he left the shop with no change in brightened face to reach the bike. He placed the parcel in his Zomato bag and peeked into the bill counter from outside. The salesgirl was billing for the customer and left his peeking unnoticed.  He sat and lifted the bike. He pressed on the button start. Again, he peeked into the bill counter in search of attention from the sales girl. still, she didn’t spare any sight of attention. With a sparkling smile, he left the bike parking as if his day was done. The sale girl in the billing counter peeking from the bill counter with a strict face whether he has left the shop or not. After she found that the guy left, her face turned out to be as glowing as it was with a wrinkle of smirk. She involuntarily turned back to pick the next order and avoid showcasing her blush face amongst the customer at the same time.

          Actually, this love for each other without uttering a word made my day. I understood their bond and left the shop with a happy smile. My friends were utterly confused and left the shop following me. They made me to understand true and serious love still exist and  at such a young age……..

          Yet another time, I failed the dare. I refused to do the dare. I accepted to shave half of the beard roam around the city along with Sunaina. Sunaina and other friends were confused why I was not ready to propose the girl.  They did not notice the happenings. I saw the other side of the story. Therefore, I don’t want to disrupt it.

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  1. A Neatly Presented nice story. The Romance was narrated in a pretty way to make the readers smile and the story is nice.

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