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When life knocks you down, turn around and gaze the sky. The point is how many people would be gazing the sky. A little boy near my house challenged me to do forty skips because it’s was the previous Guinness record and it was done by his father. Challenge accepted by an impatient person is like the worst first line of a novel and worst last line of a short story. But practice makes a man realize that nothing is impossible. What does this pebble represent the impossible thing impatient person? As I feared, it is patience. But I don’t believe in those lines. My instinct said if you try you will definitely fail. I don’t know why it said those words to me. I decided to test the righteousness of my instinct. I was asking polite apology to the boy that I will do something other than that. Then I sought out an idea of building a tower with different sizes of pebble stones. To build a tower with pebble stones, I needed a lot of pebbles. I didn’t know where I could get those. So I searched using the Google. Before that I searched for it in markets. I got a packet of pebbles stones from the fish tank shop. I took that behind my house. I used to have this bad habit of burning things I see. As usual I was trying to burn a green twig. As you might know, it is very difficult to burn a green twig. Suddenly, I got an idea. I kept some of warm and dry twigs in a circle and placed the green twig in the centre. The dry twigs began to burn spontaneously. A few burning twigs fell on one of the pebble stone. I was not aware of that. Suddenly, I smelled something different and I saw beside me. I was in a mixed emotion of surprise and shock. I found a few of the pebbles were burning like anything! Immediately I separated the other ‘stones’ from the fire. I said this to my friend. He was not shocked, but excited. He wanted to see those pebbles immediately. On seeing the pebbles, he could not stop laughing! He was all giggles. Later, we got to know that those pebbles were not fidelity to nature in its representation. It was a poor plastic mimicking the nature. I came to know that the pebble stones are found in the beaches and river beds, but never found any of those in The Coromandel Coast or The Bay of Bengal. So I searched at the river banks nearby me. I found it in The Kaveri River which is flowing through the southern part of Karnataka. I got those pebbles in Hogaenakal where it enters The Tamilnadu state. The pebbles made me realize why we should think and have consciousness of one’s surrounding. It is the type of knowledge known as ”Being Aware” which I think is a main reason behind the success of people like James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Man.

My mind was very much pre-occupied by the interior decoration for homes. I studied and began to work. I had a grand project a few years after working. I thought the land lord who gave the order was going to make my life become topsy turvy. But he was a real estate mafia leader. He had some problems in his horoscope. To solve the problem he had to build his kitchen with river stone pebble tiles according to the advisory of the Vasthu Sasthra expert. Again Pebble Stone. For building those tiles, one needed bigger pebble stones. Normal pebble stones are only a few millimetres in diameter. How to seek those stones which are not even a centimetre is not a matter? But building the kitchen with river stone pebble tiles needed more pebbles. Government won’t allow anyone to take the pebbles in large quantity. If I don’t build his kitchen with river stone pebble tiles it would be a black mark in my career bigger than those pebbles found in Mars. NASA Mars missile found that the pebble stones there were in the size of golf balls. It is nice to hear, but rather unbelievable. Searching those stones are idiotic because I searched for it on earth. Everyone looked at me like a maniac. I also got some of the pebbles from my friend which were of the size of a golf ball. As usual it was ‘duplicate’, but unusually this time I knew it. Besides, I was tired of searching for pebble stones on earth, I was exhausted and others started thinking that I may be a manic. I would like to have a leisure trip to some other country. So I decided to go to New Zealand. It was a touristic visit and I was planning to spend a few days with my friends there. I was fishing with my friend one day. I was tired of fishing because I didn’t catch any fish till that time. Fishing needs 25% luck and 75% patience. Despite all my patience, the fishes betrayed me. I saw an old Indian sailor sitting next to me. I spoke to him about his sailing experience. He told me about him. I asked him why he was residing there and what were the reasons for the weird expeditions he had been carrying out. He said that he was there for his wife because he lost her. He told to me about a pebble stone island. He told me that it was an island near Hawaii. I was unable to believe that there is a pebble stone island.

How to believe that there is such an island?”

 I questioned.

”Ninety five percent of the ocean remains undiscovered, how can you say there is no island like that?”

The sailor replied. Those words made me curious. I was in manoeuvrability to reach the island with the help of my friends and the old Indian sailor in New Zealand. I had a strong desire of reaching the island despite inquisitiveness. I told them that we are just touring. The occurrence of a sudden tempest made the tour abominable. We were separated by rough sea. I was invited to the island with fine white sand which was geometrically segmented by roaring waves into a pentagon. The Pebble Stone Island. To my surprise I reached the shore of the pebble island before the devour lemon sharks crushed and digested me. I was in the pebble stone island. I was overwhelmed with boundless enthusiasm. While wandering I found a lagoon at the backside of the island. I found the pebbles which were of a golf ball’s diameter and length. Pebble stones found in the island will be a proxy for the pebbles found in other parts of the planets. I had a big problem of surviving in this island until someone saved us. Despite the absolute awareness, I wanted to look after my basic needs. So I decided to meander around the island. I found a man-made crude house for shelter. I thought there would be other humans. But there was no one there. I got a bottle with paper inside it. I took the paper from the bottle. It was message about who survived and left the island. The writer of the paper was a women. She described how she came to island and how she survived. She mentioned that if anyone ever gets this message, they should come to the address mentioned in the paper. It was an address in India. After reading the message in that paper, I started wandering again. I found many holes in a larger diameter which is covered with plastic. I was curious about what is beneath cover. I found some salt water. I just poured more salt water inside the dig. After an hour later, I found pure water accumulating above the plastic cover. I got water. I found that the pebbles over the plastic are as green as the pebbles found in high water mark. After that I found some bird’s eggs and a coconut which became my food. The basic needs of living a life is food, shelter and water. I found it but what can I do for some to survive. I had inquisitiveness before reaching the island; it turned into struggle for surviving. I had little knowledge about surviving until someone rescued us. But how to make them know that I should be rescued? The only way was to pray. Being an absolutist, I prayed to god for rescue. The reason why I accidentally came to the island is for the pebbles. I filled the pebbles in plastic bags found around the island. At that time I found two things to be the same – the plastic bags and me. The plastic bags are filled with stones and I was filled with hope that I will be alive until someone came for rescue. Days passed. I was invited with a suddenly loud rumbling in sky. The clouds began to cry. It was raining. My hut was drenched in water. Next morning I was affected by hypothermia because of the heavy rain. Being affected by hypothermia my body temperature was getting down. Being a hypochondriac, my anxiety began to hurt me a lot than hypothermia. I was even unable to get up. So I was unable to eat and drink. I was thinking that I am going to leave the world. My life with belief towards absolutism was broken. I thought that I am going to leave the world. I was thinking how a pebble changed my life. I was holding the plastic bag and the letter in my hands but my mind became inaccessible. Besides the inaccessibility of my mind I found the old Indian sailor carrying me. Suddenly I dropped the plastic bag. I lost the pebbles. I was rescued and admitted in the hospital. After that I came back to India with emptiness in my heart. I returned to my office and I found the project given by the land lord was taken back. I was overturned. While travelling to home, I was thinking about the letter written by the women. I found that the old Indian sailor from New Zealand was waiting for me outside my home. I was infinitely surprised. He told me take the two things that belong to me. I thanked him terribly for getting the pebbles and the letter back. I told him about what happened in the island. I also mentioned him about the letter and I would never believe in absolutism. After hearing what was in the letter he was very much eager to see the women who survived in the pebble island. We both reached the address that was mentioned. The old Indian sailor was shocked that it was his home. We asked the person in the next house about the home and the people lived there. He said they shifted to the new house. We got the new address of the women from the neighbour. We reached the address. Now it was a shock for me – the home was the landlord’s home who gave the order for river stone pebble tiles. I was aware that the landlord was not in home I made the old Indian sailor to stand out. I went inside the home. I saw a women reading a book sitting on an easy chair. I introduced myself and sat on the chair. She introduced herself as a survivalist. I found the kitchen which was not yet finished. It made me to secrete adrenalin in tones. I didn’t mention I was the person who had to build the house. I asked her about the house and its interior decorations, just like a neighbour would ask. She told me about the house. I questioned her about the kitchen. She said his son had a problem in his horoscope which can’t be solved. Recently a researcher found that river stone pebble tiles will be a solution.

”Do you believe it?”

 I questioned.

“No way, but I have to.  He was grown up without his father. He and his life were contaminated by bad friends. He became a real estate mafia leader because of his surroundings and friends. I tried my best to make him realize that he is in a wrong path. He never heard it. There are only two ways to save him. One is to build a kitchen with river stone pebble tiles and the other is his father who can control him”

I questioned her about his father. She said she lost him while she was in Australia. I asked her why she didn’t search for him. She replied to me with a simile –

“I am waiting for him”

I asked her if he don’t come then what will she do.

”I would assume that he forgot me”

Then I asked her about the message in the bottle. She was surprised. She said she was the women who survived. That reply blew my mind. She asked me whether she got the message with the bottle.

“No, it was my friend who got the bottle”

 I urged myself to come out of the house. I just came out of the home and became unconscious. It was again the old sailor who brought me back to consciousness. I asked the sailor whether he had a family or not. He said that he had a wife, but he had lost her. I asked him how he found me in that island. He told me that he found his wife and saw her for the first time in that island unconscious. Time to be unconscious again! My consciousness returned. But this time it was the landlord standing beside me as I opened my eyes. The landlord questioned me a lot about why I didn’t do the interior decoration. I didn’t answer that question. I took the old man into his home. The landlord followed me, quarrelling. His mother saw the old sailor and stood still. Then I revealed the truth that it was me who got the message in that bottle. This time it was her turn to be unconscious. The landlord and I brought her back to consciousness. A few minutes she looked at his face and slapped him like anything. I kept my hands on my cheeks, as I feared next would me. She quarrelled at him

“Where were you?”  

He replied he was searching for her. She questioned politely

“Did you miss me?

He answered with a smile

“I missed myself”

Then they hugged each other and happiness returned. The sailor made his son to understand his ignorance and fulfilled the father’s duty. At the same time I finished the kitchen with river stone pebble tiles. I would never believe in anything without asking any questions. But the old women gave me a very important rule to live – One should “Believe” something in the world without asking any questions. Expectations disappoint, but beliefs don’t. After finishing my kitchen work I had a few pebbles remaining. I took those stones to my home.                   

I was walking through a river to reach my home. The children were stone skipping at the surface of the river. I saw the boy who challenged me. Pebbles stones are the perfect stones for stone skipping. I had a thought to stone skip. I was not a good stone skipper. I fed up after a few trails. I just sat near the rock. I saw the pebbles stones. It reminded me about the two lessons it gave. Now it is the time to skip stones. I stood strong with Awareness and I threw the pebble stones with Belief without asking any question. I made Forty Skips which was the previous Guinness record.

Pebble stones made me to understand two things in my life ”Be aware and believe in something in the world without asking any questions so that you can progress in life vigorously like a stone skipping on the surface of water”.

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  1. Interesting story. However,
    Interesting story. However, from the writing point of view, I would have liked some more clarity on important events on the story, such as the ship wreck especially when you described some unimportant events to great extents. That would have provided more balance to the story. Also, the story’s ending had some usual boring cliches like people fainting, which I thought was unnecessary and repititive. To mention, there is still plenty of scope for improvement in terms of grammar, clarity, sentence structure and spelling. However, I should say that the story in itself is interesting, well thought out and provides some nice twists. Best wishes.

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