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She cried and said

“I am one of the reasons for these problems”

It was a shock for him. She then told about the Zamindar. Before 50 years, there were two Zamindars who were competing in everything. Anbarasan and Arivarasan. There was a competition regarding whose girl child is going to get educated first. Anbarasan always goes through good, wise and honest ways. Arivarasan takes the evil routes. The old lady was the Medical Advisory. One day Anbarasan’s wife was to deliver the baby. At the same time Arivarasan’s wife also started developing the labour pain. They brought his wife from the back door. Both of them were in a verge of delivering the baby. Anbarasan was not there with his wife, but Arivarasan was with his wife. Anbarasan’s servant brought his wife for delivery. Arivarasan found that someone’s baby got delivered before his wife did. It was Anbarasan’s wife with a baby girl. His wife was unconscious. Arivarasan took an evil decision. He asked me to change the infants. I didn’t allow him to do that.

“I will kill your husband who is working in my house” he blackmailed. I was cornered. I accepted it. He also told me not to tell anyone until he said. I agreed to it. The competition of making her daughter to educate began to burn. Anbarasan gave the daughter education and sent her to London for higher studies. While Arivarasan treated his daughter as a slave and he didn’t provide her education. Anbarasan thought that he was going to win the competition. After few years ago, Anbarasan’s daughter was coming to India for a few days. The news spread like fire. Then Arivarasan told me to reveal the truth. I told the truth to Anbarasan. He was frustrated and became angry. Anbarasan went to Arivarasan’s house.

“You win in the competitions, but please give my daughter back” Anbarasan said in a stern manner.

“I wouldn’t allow your daughter until you send her back without any harassment” Arivarasan replied. 

“I won’t do her anything, please leave my daughter” Anbarasan pleaded. 

“I can’t believe you. If you send my daughter without any damage, I will send your daughter. If anything happens to my daughter I will kill your daughter” Arivarasan said.

“I will definitely send her without any problem” Anbarasan promised.

After finishing the degree and higher studies she came back to Chennai from London. While coming back to village she met with a serious accident. Arivarasan thought that Anbarasan is trying to kill his daughter and began to ill treat Anbarasan’s daughter. He blackmailed Anbarasan that if his daughter dies he will kill his daughter brutally. Arivarasan ill treated Anbarasan’s daughter more than before he did. He gave her fertilizer chemicals to make her sterile. After a week Arivarasan’s daughter died in the hospital. Arivarasan decided to kill Anbarasan’s daughter. Anbarasan tried to convince Arivarasan that it was an accident but he didn’t. Arivarasan reached daughters room to kill. But she was not there. She escaped from the house and it was about forty years she left the house. Now Arivarasan was bedridden. He gave a duty to his son to kill Anbarasan’s family. Anbarasan made his son to settle in Chennai. 

Suseender asked: “Where did Anbarasan’s daughter go? “

The old lady replied: “No one knows it”

Suseender asked: “Do you have any photo of her?”

The old lady answered: ‘Yes I do. One black-and-white stamp sized photo”

After few minute she gave him the photo. Suseender became mad.

“What is her name?” He questioned in a vacillate mannar

“Malar Selvi” she replied. “Why are you so nervous? Chill out! What happened?” She asked.

“She is my mother” he replied.

She felt happy and she couldn’t speak. She spoke in a husky tone

“Where is your mother and father?” she asked with excitement.

“They are in Delhi, I was working in Chennai” he replied.

“Are you the only child in your home?” she said.

“Yes, before me a boy baby was born. It was having some problem in blood. So medical counsel of India said to execute mercy kill” he replied.

“Tomorrow what are you going to do to save her?”  She questioned.

“Where will they be taking Shruthi in this village” he said.

“They might take her to the Zamindar bungalow, but I am not sure about it” she said.

As the kidnappers decided they will be coming here with Shruthi by evening. If they didn’t go to the bungalow, where will they taking her? I operated the camera in her ring. I was surveying for an hour. One hour later he found two men entering. Oh my God. It was Ram who allowed him to test the blood sample of the 6 footer. He was the son of Arivarasan Zamindar.

“Where are we going to keep her in the village?” The 6 footer questioned.

“We will be reaching Iraiyur by 4’o clock, we will be talking her to the symmetry where my elder sister is buried. I will kill her and satisfy my father’s wish” Ram said.

“What about Anbarasan’s son and daughter” 6 footer questioned.

“Her father and mother will die if I kill daughter; don’t worry she will be die soon because my father gave her chemical which are mutagens that causes cancer. If not it will make her infertile” Ram replied.

“I want to talk to her, wait outside for few minutes” Ram said.

“I am going to kill you as your father killed my sister. You should know something before you die. Myshkin the boy helping is the elder brother of your lover. I knew it yesterday only. I came here after Myshkin kidnapped you at that time he went to my hospital and tested the blood samples of Myshkin from your handbag. After that he came and met me in my cabin and asked me about criminal’s syndrome. That gave me a gut feeling. Then I checked those reports. It was Myshkin’s blood samples. I found something similar in the autosomal genes of Myshkin and Suseender. I adopted Myshkin for my laboratory use. Then I came to know my father’s efforts to kill or make Suseender’s mother sterile went in vain. Myshkin took all the radiation chemicals from his mother’s body and he was born as a criminal syndrome patient. After killing you I will kill Myshkin too” Ram said and left the room.

What Ram spoke made Suseender stunned and spell bound for half an hour. Then the old lady came and said

“Don’t worry; everything will be alright by tomorrow morning”

“How are you saying it?  This over expectation” he said.

“This is not expectation, it is faith. Faith doesn’t make sense but  faith creates miracles” she said.

With faith he began to plan and stop them in the outskirts of the village before they enter. He took help from his NGO friends. Make them unconscious by injecting anaesthesia. Save the girl and take her to the hospital for check up. The plan went right and they rescued the girl and took her to the hospital for check-up. Police filed a complaint on Suseender as Shruthi’s parents came to know that he was loving her and he might have kidnapped her. So they filed complaint on him. The argument between police and Suseender’s NGO friends began. They explained how they rescued her. Nurse came out of the room with urgency.

“What happened?” police questioned.

“Blood is coming out from all the parts of the body”


“Nothing can be said, Please wait”

Suseender told the police to interrogate Ram. Ram didn’t speak a word. He found another doctor friend who joined that hospital after completing his higher studies.

“Hi Suseender” his friend said.

“Hi friend I need your help” Suseender requested.

“What help” friend asked. After analyzing he said

”Ram had given her a snake poison which belongs to North America, the poison make the blood watery so there will no flow for excess of blood. The excess blood comes out through opening like eyes, nails, skin, nose etc. Do you have an antidote to that?”

“Yes I do”. The doctor gave her the antidote and changed her blood. After an hour he was allowed to see Shruthi. Slowly she returned to consciousness. As she opened the eyes she saw Suseender. She asked him to come near him.

“How did you find me?” she questioned.

“You kept a promise which I gave to you” he replied.

“What is the promise that saved me” she said.

“The ring which I gave you as a key to open my heart saved you” he replied.

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