Schindler's List: Movie Review

I should say this: “What a film!” Seriously speaking, this film is a classic without a doubt. By the legendary film maker Steven Speilberg, every frame on the film is a signature of director. There are only a few films that have scenes that will touch us, and this film has got quiet a good number of such scenes. I don’t want say much about the technical aspects, as they are simply awesome. The film is based on a novel called ‘Schindler’s ark’. I have not read that book, but I am sure it will be a good one. There are many films about groups of people affected by war or any other political revolution and this is one of the best of its kind. The film is inspiring not only as a film but also as a light to our politics, sociology, and attitude. The film has a message that is untold but written between frames. For all of you I can suggest this film. If you have serious approach towards films, then it is a must watch film for you. If you have the patience to stay with a few slow or lagging scenes, I am sure later on you will be sticking to your chairs.

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