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He wrapped his hands around her, so tight yet so careful. With her chest onto his, he could feel the synchrony of their heartbeats. He knew as he walked on the tracks of the railway that this was the last time he could feel her breath against his chest. With that thought he held her even closer. He knew he loved her from the very first time he saw her. His love for her knew no measure. He wished she knew it too. He would bring the world down to her if that meant her happiness. He would. He definitely would. But he was a poor, helpless single father who worked by night and and cared for his two year old bedridden daughter by the day. He earned just enough for her medicines and food. Often, he went to bed in tears not because of his unfed stomach but because of his daughter who was in pain. Her life wasn’t easy either. She wasn’t fortunate enough to see her mother when she was born neither was he to kiss her and say thankyou for gifting him with most beautiful baby girl he had ever seen. He named her after his mother, Keerthi. She cried all the time. But why did she? He gave her everything she would want but she never stopped crying. He then knew that she was in pain. After several visits to the hospital, He was told that she was suffering from a congenital spinal deformity. He knew his baby was in pain. He knew it had to stop. And that’s all he knew. He would do anything to see her smile again. He doubled his work, halved his sleeping hours but it wasn’t enough. He did all he could, day and night for two years. He prayed to all the gods whose names he could remember. He pleaded for her happiness in exchange for his life. But gods showed no mercy. He didn’t have the strength to see his treasure in pain anymore.

The pain will end. He chanted this as he walked on the tracks. He could hear the siren of the approaching train. He knew it wasn’t far behind. The pain will end. He continued his mantra. He didn’t want to see it. He closed his eyes. He could hear the gush of the fierce wind pounding in anger against his ears. He held her closer. He wasn’t afraid to die but the thought of his two year old, two lonely drops of tears fell onto his cheek. But he held the, back and continued his chant. It was time. He kissed her forehead one last time and whispered into her ears, “The pain will end”. He chanted louder and louder as he heard the sound of the train. Louder. The pain will end.

He felt a soft tap on his shoulder. He opened his eyes “Congratulations, You’re blessed with a healthy baby girl. You can come in now and see her and your wife. She’s thrilled too.”

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  1. Good story, I liked it. The
    Good story, I liked it. The ending was dramatic. But I personally feel the twist was unnecessary, as the story would have made the same (if not more) impact without the twist.

  2. Thankyou. without the climax,
    Thankyou. without the climax, i thought the story would seem really dark

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