Photo of a women alone in a tunnel

She was cold. She was alone. She was bare. She was there, lying there in the dark, invisible to everyone who walked past her. Every footstep that grew loud sprouted a pinch of hope in her half paralyzed body. Nobody stopped. Nobody turned. She waited and waited and waited in hope for her angel to come to her rescue. She was starting to feel numb inside out. She saw blood on the road where she lay. She hadn’t realized that she was bleeding. Her body had stopped responding to pain. She had been lying there for hours together that time wasn’t a measure anymore.

Emotions were at a standstill. Pain wasn’t pain anymore. She couldn’t feel it anymore. She knew something had happened. She knew something was happening. She knew something could still happen, but her head was too heavy to think. Because mere thinking could tax her brain.

She decided to rest her fleeting eyes. As her eyes closed, she saw the bright light at a distance blurring, the light on the lamppost wasn’t yellow anymore. The tarred black road was fading. She then decided  to shut every sound she heard. She slowly heard the honking of the cars across the road regressing. The sound of the footsteps that brought her hope slowing down. She heard an unknown squeal at a distance and knew it was time.

Her lips effortlessly curved into a smile when she heard the sound of the water. The image became distinct. She saw herself, dressed in a white satin dress with her legs dipped in the water, she sat by him holding his hand in hers, whispering into his ears the words he had yearned to hear from her for four long years “I Love You” she said. He took her head in his hands and kissed her passionately. With that fading memory, she sank into the abysm. Her heart without a beat was left behind.

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  1. Fantastic writing. I liked
    Fantastic writing. I liked this more than “The Pain Will End”. You created the image without actually describing each and every detail. That is a real talent. Keep writing 🙂

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