That day is a black mark in my life. We don’t have same taste, same habits, etc. there is no similarity in our character. We have been acquainting for 3 months as lover, but there was no use. I will change each and everything what you know about me including name, phone number except my facebook id because you are not in my friend list as well as you do it in your life. Here after we should not have any connection in our life. Let us break up. I throw you out of my life and you throw me out of your life. I will get married to a man chosen by my parents as well as you do the same. “Good Bye” she said and broke my heart without shedding a drop of blood. He is nayak. He had fallen in love with amyra without her permission. One day he said he wants to marry her. She is a good human by nature. She said I don’t know anything about you, how can I accept you as my better half? “Let us get acquainted first” he replied. “I agree to get acquaint but don’t try to impress me”. Be yourself. I will tell you whether I love you are not after 3 months. You should not tell your name, your family background, etc. And I won’t too. At the last day of the third month she asked him to come and meet me in café coffee day” she said. “Why?” he questioned. “You came and proposed me without knowing who am I so I would also like to follow your method. At the same time If I fall in love with you, you should not have a gut feeling I fall in love with you because of your money resources, family background ets” she said. After three months of acquaintance she asked him to meet her to know the results.

She asked him “if I didn’t accept your proposal what will you do?”

“I will die” he said.

“Sorry I don’t love you” she said.

“Why? He shouted.

“You and me differ in character taste and everything so I denied you proposal” she said.

“I am going to die?” he said.

“If we get married, every day we will be dying because of our character so leave me alone. I will change each and everything what you know about me including name, phone number except my facebook id because you are not in my friend list as well as you do it in your life. Here after we should not have any connection in our life. Let us break up. I throw you out of my life and you throw me out your life. I will get married to a man chosen by my parents as well as you do the same. Good Bye” she said and left.

Though he said he is going to die, she didn’t even care about it. It made him to go mad. He took a challenge to live a good and fulfilling life without her. He asked his parents to look out for alliance. His parents chose a girl. She was a software engineer. Her name was Khushboo. She is working for a project in America. He asked her phone number to get acquainted with her. He got her phone number. The call was done.

“Hello. Is this Kusboo?” he questioned.

“Yes. Who is this?” she replied.

“Hi I am Naveen nayak” he said.

“Oh hi how are you?” she questioned.

“I am fine. What about you and your project?”

“They are good” she replied.

“What is your future plans?” he asked.

“PhD” she said.

“All the best” he told.

Thus they began the conversation from phone to whats app. They kept messaging. One day the topic love came into discussion. Naveen questioned.

“How about the weather conditions?” he questioned.

“The snowfall is heavy past three days and lots of problems in convincing my parents. Though I have a difficulties in facing problems, I am fun loving so I like it. I have lots of fear about my future” she told.

“You are an atheist. Right!” he said.

“How did you know that? She said.

“If someone trusts god and believe in good things to come won’t have fear about future. I recently read that the persons who are spiritual or religious will possess a thick cortex and reduces the risk of depression” he briefed.

“So you ask me to believe in god?” she said.

“I believe in god. Many miracles happened in my life after believing god. One day or the other a miracle will also happens in your life and from that day believe in god” he said.

“Ok .will you allow me to work after marriage?” she questioned to change the topic.

“If you would like to do, I will grant you no objection certificate. But one condition you should not work while you are pregnant” he said.

“Deal done” she replied.

“Did you have any affair during your college days or in your work place?” Naveen questioned.

“Boys always come and propose me but I didn’t accept anyone” she replied.

“Which was the weirdest proposal that you faced?” he said.

 “I don’t know his name, I saved his number as b6” she answered.

“B6 means boyfriend 6.right!” he said.

“Yes. He saw me for the first time few months before 2012. I don’t believe in love at first sight. He experienced it on me. One day he came and told he wants to marry me. I was stunned because he was a stranger. I received many proposals from boys. Everyone said ‘I love you’. None of them said ‘I want to marry you’ which was new as well as it yearns the trust from women pretty soon” she briefed.

“Then why didn’t you accept it” he asked.

“I said we will be in acquaintance for 3 months and I will say. In those three months I found lots of diversity in our lifestyle. So I decided not to marry him” she said.

“You committed a mistake” nayak said.

“What mistake?” she questioned.

“Though you and b6 had lots of diversities, you can live a life effectively more than with me. You are fun loving and adventurous person. How a guy with same wavelength makes your life fun loving? Both of you will be doing the same and life gets borrowed” nayak replied.

“How it is possible?” she said.

“You were acquainting with him for 3 months. Tell me about his behavior and personality?” he questioned.

“sensitive, introvert, amicable and friendliest personality ever I met, not egoistic, treats women as friends and siblings, selfless and cares a lot for others, loves nutty chocolates, empathetic” she explained.

“He is an excellent problem solver, intensive and dramatic person, makes decisions quickly, open minded, friends matter them the most. These are the characteristics of him and most importantly he doesn’t likes to spend his time alone. He would benefit you lot when you face problems in your life” he said.

“How do you say it?” she questioned.

“I like love nutty chocolates too” he said.

“Rolf” she pinged.

Introspect yourself. Ask “What is happening now? Am I doing the right thing?” before talking any decision. The habit of introspection can change your life drastically and you will be able to take decisions effectively. I have some work to do I will ping you later.

Conversation gave deep roots to ask many questions within her. She began think about the other decisions made by her during early parts of life. Next day she messaged him a bit early. He replied lately.

“What happened? You messaged me before I messaged! “Any problem?” he said.

“If I messaged early, does it means I am in trouble” she replied.

“Are you angry with me for messaging late” he questioned.

“No. just joking?” she pinged made him relax.

“Why did you message early?” he questioned.

“I went for shopping outfits. I messaged you early to ask an opinion about the dress I shopped” she answered.

“Send pics” he said.

As nayak received the pics he saw the dress and asked what your skin color is? She said a scale fair than brunette. Black will suit both dark and fair complexion people. You should have preferred black instead of white. She saw the message and for five minutes there is no reply. 

“Are you there” he questioned.

 ”you told the same which b6 said to me” she replied.

“Even person who stitches clothes can say this” he said.

The conversation that was made today made her to introspect a lot more than normal. She had a gut feeling that she missed a good guy. She was unable to sleep the whole night.

Next day morning she received message nayak by morning 8 am itself. He said that he was having work so he can’t message her today. She had gone mad. She was in need to speak with him. Next she messaged him and asked about his project work status. He was in verge of completion. He said he will message her after 30 minutes.

“Hi. What happened?” He pinged.

“Nothing. I just messaged you a bit earlier as I was free. What about your project” she questioned.

“Yes I had completed it” he replied.

“What does a man expect from a woman” she questioned without any reason.

“Why are you asking?” he replied.

“Just for information” she said.

“It varies. Mostly men are open minded when it comes to love. They will tick yes in every box the women demands when a woman accepts his love. But at last they suffer a lot. But women are a bit cunning. They will test men a lot to know whether he likes, loves, respects her or not. It is not their mistakes. Women needs to be more careful and authentic while choosing love and life partners. As well as men can’t know what a women thinks even a women doesn’t understands it. The human body is the most complicated machine in the world. But women body is more complicated than men. That’s why women receive both criticism and applause simultaneously” nayak briefed.

For the first time, she commended through voice for reply. She said “awesome nayak. Then what does a women expect from men?” she questioned.

The voice message reminded him the voice of amyra. He said your voice similar the women I proposed.

“That is ok. Now please answer the question” she pinged with hesitation.

“A woman expects only one thing from men” he said.

“No suspense. What is that?” she questioned.

“if a man make a woman to feel secured and compatible in his presence, then woman should decide he is her man” he replied.

Can I call you? She asked. Nayak agreed. She called her and he picked up the call.

“Hello this is Naveen nayak” he said.

“Yeah i would like to talk to you about what happened after the last day when I said we can’t love and we are not made for each other to him” she said.

“Ok” You can share with me” he said.

“A few times I met b6 in coffee shops and hotels, but he never shown any gesture about the rejection. One day I was sitting alone in coffee shop and men were sitting here and there. I saw him getting inside the coffee shop. I think he was in an idea of having coffee with his friend who has not yet arrived. After seeing me he went out. He was waiting for his friend. Before his friend arrived he came inside and stood behind me. I asked him why he is standing behind me. He didn’t answer. I asked him to sit but he didn’t he was standing behind me for a long time. It was embarrassed. I got up to use the toilet he came behind me very closely. At last I became angry and slapped him. He gave an expression like seeing his back and pointed me without speaking and left coffee shop. I faced a wardrobe malfunction and I was not aware of it. Men were staring at me. Men around me were eve teasing without touching my body but he asked me to correct my wardrobe without speaking. I really for the first time felt secured by a man. So I would like to marry him. I am sorry.” She briefed.

“It’s ok. Enjoy your life. But one request. You should do it for me without any denial” he said.

“What is it? I will definitely do it” she said.

“Say I Love You” he demanded.

“Why” she questioned.

“You said you it definitely without asking any questions say it once” he said.

“No I can’t. I said that I am in love with b6. How can you ask like this to a woman who is not yours?” she said.

“Ok. You don’t want to say I Love You  for Naveen Nayak. Say I Love You for b6.” He said.

“I can’t get you” she exclaimed.

“What do you mean?” she questioned with confusion.

“IDOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B6 is none other than me – Naveen Nayak! I was not aware of your real name. I thought your nickname amyra as your real name. But you gave me a good nickname b6” he said with smile.

Amyra (or) kushboo became mad. She said “I can’t believe this you are b6 and I asked everything about you without knowing who you are that’s great. Now I believe god is there”

If a boy loves a girl, he puts efforts like sea to own women. But women easily put their efforts in vain. Men are ready to make you understand how mad they are about woman they love. But women are not ready to hear it. Please give a chance to the men to prove they are suitable to any women in the world. No one is born as a made for each other. 

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