12 Years Ago, my father worked for the UNG. The United Nations Gaurdian. This was the organization started and funded by 192 nations. They had all the newest technology and military weapons there was. They were invincible.If there was a hostile country threatening to start a war, the UNG was the organization that ended it in an instant. Thus,the world was save from any threat that stood before it.

That was until the UNG started doing experiments with illegal chemicles and dangerous toxins. On the outside the the UNG was this relentless force protecting the world, but on the inside it was different.

Nobody that worked for the UNG was allowed to talk about what was happening behind the shadows. If somebody were to talk about it in public or any other place, they were considered hostile and was supposedly taken to a maximum prison on a remote island, but was secretly being used to experiment on.

But there experiments made an entirely new toxin. A toxin that gives a human demonic abilities. Abilities that could wipe out the humanity.It was named Demon Blood, and it was so dangerous that the UNG locked it in a vault, under the UNG Base, where no one could enter.

My Father was the one that added the last element, that just he knew. He was the one that created the Demon Blood. But he told no one about it. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before the UNG would find out it was him. That’s why he stopped working there and decided to take an early retirement.

Life went on the usual way,until today

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