Book and pen

Washed up, spat from the oceans tide

On the dry beach he did writhe

Was man who would rule the seven seas

He would be known simply as Guy


His memory had blanks mixed with blurs

His vision was just as well

He felt like he could take on the whole world

Only if he could sit for a spell


He barely reached the side of a tree

When a sprit blocked his path

Opening his mouth, Guy managed to say

“Step aside or you will have my wrath”


The ghost let out an eerie laugh

Chills shot up and down Guys spine

“Why would I leave now,” the specter whispered

“When you have something that is mine?”


I do not have any treasure,

And my bottle has gone dry

I do not understand, not in the least

Come now spook, you must tell me why


“I will wager, a wish for a soul”

“If you can fool me, you win”

“If you cannot, I will feast on your soul”

“Try your best to outwit this djinn”


Guys mind was reeling, cogs span quick

“I will take your bet,” Guy cried

A riddle that was passed down for ages

You have until the sunlight dies


Then Guy spoke as fast as he could

His words; complex and unknown

It sounded as if he were speaking tongues

The rapid speech blown to a cyclone


The demon shuttered, then it shook

Scrunched its face, then scrunched some more

It realized that no matter how scrunched

It was truly fooled for sure


“You jest, you cheat” the spirit howled

“That wasn’t a test of wit”

“You just made an endless babble of noise”

“you just sound like you were a git”


Tilting his head and laughing out-loud

Guy with a victorious smirk

Did lock a razor gaze that pierced the shade

Roles changed, ghost to fish, Guy to shark



The devil choked from its throat

“There must be no answer to your puzzle!”

Guy danced a small, quick jig to gloat


“Your chance is up, the sun has set”

Guy then made a rude gesture

“I wish for ship made from a demon”

“To sail oceans at my leisure “


All was still a moment or two

But with a sputter, a shake

The specter burst, pieces swirled overhead

The island then started to quake


Streams of darkness from the dark soul

Fly above, and all around

Torrents of black, bespectacled with shadow

Pelted far, far deep underground


The sands shifted, stretched, and changed

Billowing into an ark

A monstrous ship rose from its slumber

Its color, like shade in the dark


Guy hoisted himself on board

He landed without a sound

The whole ship felt like it was made from cloud

And that it had power without bounds


Guy whistled low in a hushed awe

He wondered, was he asleep?

But he walked up to the deck all the same

Making no sound on planks beneath


Guy gripped the smooth pegs on the wheel

The ship instantly obeyed

He aimed the bow to the open waters

Forward, his story underway

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