The Pawn

The Pawn

Sometime in 1990s. 

Vicky, a convict, is imprisoned for the murder of a group of four criminals who had brutally raped and killed his sister-in-law. Vicky tries to get justice in court but is unsuccessful and the criminals are released from prison with the help of a corrupt lawyer. The four criminals then visit Vicky’s home(when Vicky is away) because he tried to file a case against them. Driven by vengeance, they try to rape Vicky’s wife Lacie, but she kills herself with a knife. Angered at all this, Vicky decides to take the matter into his own hands and murders the four criminals himself. He is sentenced to life in prison for the crimes.

When a young journalist Rose visits the jail for a report that she’s writing, a few of the convicts try to rape her. The attempted rape reminds Vicky(who is also in the same jail) of his misfortune and he intervenes and saves Rose. Rose hears Vicky’s story and decides to help free him, even though Vicky is reluctant at first he agrees later on as he soon starts to see a good friend in Rose, Rose considers Vicky a good friend too. Rose meets Andrew, a strict, young and sincere police officer in the city, to get the details on Vicky’s case files. She is impressed by Andrew’s charisma, sincerity, looks and machoism. She is heard by a blind businessman(Rose’s boss and the head of one of the most popular newspapers in the state) – Mr. Zimdal. Mr. Zimdal and Rose have a special meeting with Chief Justice of the state, explaining Vicky’s compulsion to kill the four criminals, when Chief Justice says that these are 2 completely different matters(the criminals killing Vicky’s sister-in-law & Vicky killing the four criminals) Mr. Zimdal interrupts saying that these 2 matters are interlinked & that Vicky’s compulsion started because of lack of proper justice. Chief Justice gets convinced & orders Vicky to be released from jail soon. Vicky gets released. Zimdal tries to recruit Vicky as a hit-man. He wants Vicky to kill some anti-social elements in the city, mainly the two powerful drug lords Frank and Tyson and all the people who work for them. Zimdal tells Vicky that these drug lords are responsible for creating people like the group of four men Vicky killed in the first place, by bringing drugs to the streets and corrupting the local officials. Vicky refuses at first as he has just got out of prison and now wants to live a normal life. However, the memories of his murdered family come back to haunt him as he spends a day alone in his home, and he agrees to work for Zimdal to accomplish the secret task. Zimdal gives a file to Vicky that has pictures and other information about Frank, Tyson and people who work for them. Meanwhile, Rose and Andrew fall in love with each other. At the eve of Rose’s birthday party, Zimdal looks uncomfortable in the party after coming to know that Rose and Andrew love each other.

Inspector Sam(Subordinate to Andrew) is very greedy and becomes an informer for Frank, one of the targeted drug lords. He discloses all internal matters of the police department to Frank in return for money.

Frank’s gang and Tyson’s gang meet at a location to discuss on drug cartel matters. Vicky who is watching this from far, uses a sniper and kills one of the Frank’s gang, the shootings errupt between the 2 gangs and most of them are killed. When there is absolute silence & injured Tyson trying to escape from the scene, Vicky arrives and kills Tyson without explaining who & why is he killing. Frank is unconsious but alive, wakes up & sees Vicky’s face as Vicky leaves the scene. Vicky is unaware that Frank is still alive.

Frank suspects Vicky to be a secret police agent but later comes to know that Vicky is not a police officer through Sam.

At the same time, police inspector Andrew is trying to catch the drug-trading suspects. He is unhappy about the release of Vicky, who he believes deserves to be in prison because of the murders he committed(the four criminals who killed Vicky’s sister-in-law). Things become even more complicated when Andrew finds Vicky(and his spectacles as a clue) at most of the murder scenes of criminals involved in drug-trading. Andrew confronts Vicky in a motel just a few minutes after a man falls through window from top floor and dies just outside the motel, but Zimdal comes to the scene and says that Vicky is in a meeting with him till now for more than an hour.

The file which Zimdal gave to Vicky has Police Commissioner’s picture too. Vicky goes on a murder spree until he realizes that the Commissioner thinks that the unknown murderer is doing more to help society than the police could ever do, leading to the fact that the Commissioner is a good person & has no links with any drug cartel leaders. Vicky refuses to kill the Commissioner.

Vicky and Zimdal meet at a secret hideout. When Vicky let Zimdal know that he did not kill Commissioner & asked for reasons why Zimdal wanted Commissioner to be killed, why he was cheated in this matter., Zimdal gets furious and gives a strong slap at Vicky’s face. Fallen Vicky surprised that how could a blind man slap a person so perfectly, suspects and throws a paper-weight at Zimdal, but Zimdal dodges and catches it. Vicky then realizes that Zimdal is not blind and is the real antagonist, as he was pulling the strings all this time. Just when Vicky tries to shoot Zimdal, Frank arrives at the scene and saves Zimdal. Vicky is tied, beaten and trapped to a chair with a time bomb.

Meanwhile Andrew who still suspects Vicky of all the killings of drug cartel members that are happening, is looking for a strong evidence to arrest Vicky. Andrew goes to Vicky’s home and finds the file that Zimdal gave to Vicky.

Zimdal tells Vicky that Frank and Tyson were his rivals in the past & he had links with them in drug dealings. He also confesses that he murdered his own wife Pam and Inspector Kennedy when Kennedy came to know of his links with Frank & Tyson(Kennedy happens to be Andrew’s father & a friend to Zimdal), to cover up the truth, and faked his blindness(as if some unknown people killed Pam & Kennedy and in the fight he lost his vision) to throw the police off his trail – nearly 22 yrs ago. Zimdal, who has now partnered with Frank, leaves Vicky to die. Vicky escapes, only to be confronted by Andrew as Rose trying to give first-aid to Vicky(Vicky has a bleeding on the head). Andrew sees from the back and assumes that Rose and Vicky are kissing. Andrew insults Rose’s love for him, argument errupts between Andrew & Vicky which leads to a fight between the two. Andrew manages to capture Vicky and puts him in jail. Rose still loves Andrew as she knows that he is in a bad mood & misunderstood the relationship between her and Vicky. Andrew is heart-broken.

Inspector Sam, who is brought to Zimdal by Frank to give him important information about Vicky, tells him that Vicky is alive, arrested and will tell the entire truth to Andrew and the Commissioner by the next morning. Vicky tells everything about Zimdal to Andrew and the Commissioner. Zimdal kidnaps Rose, and kills the sub-editor Sid, who tries to save her. Andrew, Vicky and the Commissioner go to Zimdal’s home to arrest him, but they find the sub-editor, Sid, murdered at his home. The phone in Zimdal’s home rings(call from Zimdal) and they discover that Zimdal has kidnapped Rose in order to forcefully marry & have sex with her. Andrew and Vicky suspect there is a mole in the police department because of the fact that they are being traced(phone rings exactly when they arrive) and it is not possible so without a mole. They suspect Sam to be the mole because of his cunning behaviour, looks & the way he talks. Frightened Sam reveals Zimdal’s den location.

After a melee, Frank & all gangsters are killed. Andrew and Vicky fight against Zimdal, Zimdal manages to get hold of Vicky’s neck pointing gun at him and tries to escape, but Vicky takes the bullet and is mortally wounded. Andrew immediately shoots & kills Zimdal and avenges the death of his father just as Vicky dies in Andrew’s lap. Andrew and Rose are heart-broken at the loss of Vicky. Sam becomes a good police. Andrew and Rose reunite and get married.

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