Your perspective decides the Good, Ordinary and Bad!

There was a large temple at the centre of the city. Next to the queue of people waiting to see the diety sat an old man begging for money. Every day was ordinary for him. He used to get one, two or if he is lucky, five rupees from the people standing in the queue. He would cheerfully thank any person who would give him five rupees. One day, one man from the queue gave him fifty rupees. The old man became very happy. Seeing the man before him giving fifty rupees to the beggar, the next person didnt want to give too little and he gave the old man twenty rupees. This continued and people gave notes of tens and twenties to old man. The old man was very happy that day. He thanked God for the good people whom he saw at the temple and thanked God for the good day. Same thing happened on the days that followed and he got good sum on most days. But then one day a person gave him a coin of five. The old man took the coin but he was not really happy about it. He felt that he deserved more. He murmered, “Such a bad guy!!!”

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