“I should have been elder instead of you” is commonly used by Lakshman during conflicts. Why? Because potatoes exploit the value of meat .what did ram exploit? Ram and Lakshman are good disciplined young boys. Ram has a personality which doesn’t like routine life and need change while Lakshman does everything perfectly and neat. Lakshman treats him as an untouchable person when he is sneezing, drilling his nose, eating .mother with one child makes her a parent but two makes them referee. Ram and Lakshman are good children and most of the time they never make her a referee except certain situation. Lakshman’s perfection made his brother uncomfortable. At the same time Lakshman was made uncomfortable by ram’s imperfections. Once in a blue moon, the fight between them gets bigger and vulgar. Though his mother Geetha tries to make them to be neutral their fights sometimes gets bigger because of family politics. What is family politics? It has various forms. It differs a lot based on gender especially in India. Though you are a good parent, you have an additional care and affection on one child. That lucky child will always listen to their parent’s words. NONE OF THE PARENT IS WILLING TO HAVE A CHILD WHICH IS QUESTIONING. Ram thinks that his mother has more affection on Lakshman. But mother and father treat their children as same. The misunderstanding between them bridges the gap which is the basic reason for nuclear families in India. Ram and Lakshman are facing the same problem. Ram was ready for a marriage. Dasarathan is thoughtful, hoary, wise, sensible and intelligent old man who is the father of ram and Lakshman. Ram doesn’t like’s his father’s attitude of doing something which involves both of them without their knowledge. But whatever he does is for goodness of children life. As ram going to get married, he was in an idea of writing a legatee. This time he informed each and every one without any secrecy. He asked ram and Lakshman to go and meet the family lawyer. Pragaladh B.A,B.L, PhD (Bharath law) is a family lawyer and most loyal friend of his father who know some of the secrets even his Geetha doesn’t knows. Pragaladh uncle is a busy man. He gave them appointment tomorrow 8 pm to read the legatee. Dasarathan asked them to read the legatee in his presence. Usually ram will be late on time and Lakshman will early on time. But it turned topsy turvy. Ram was on time and Lakshman not yet arrived. He got stuck in traffic. As it was getting late he asked ram to read the legatee. After reading ram left Pragaladh uncle’s office and was waiting for lift. Lift arrived and he saw Lakshman inside.

“What Lakshman you are on time?” he laughed with unassailable smile. Lakshman didn’t speak anything. But he was as angry as wasp. He began to walk towards uncle’s office. Before entering uncle’s office, he was removing his shoes. There was a conversation between his father and uncle. He was listening to it as eager as bridegroom.

 “Dasar, what is the need of writing a legatee now?” uncle questioned.

“They should not have and any dispute in receiving moveable and immovable properties after getting married. I would expect them to live together at least before we die” father replied with tears.

“Don’t speak like this Dasar. They will live together until they die. No worries” uncle convinced.

“But Dasar one among them is not your child. You have adopted one child you said to me. If they know this truth one day or other, they might face serious consequences” he said.

“You, I and Geetha only know truth. So never tell them” he said.

Lakshman was shocked. After five minutes, he came out of the shock. He got inside the office. Father didn’t question him” why he was late? ”, uncle did.

“He was stuck in traffic” father replied instead of son.

After reading the legatee he left the uncle’s office. He went to the park near his house. He called his friend Sudharsan and asked him to come. Sudharsan arrived and he gave him the invitation for his brother’s marriage and an assignment.

Sudharsan: what is this file?

Lakshman: your next assignment

Sudharsan: for whom?

Lakshman: me?

Sudharsan: we have rules to follow. Though you and me are partners the detective agency (third eye detective services), we should not use it for our personal purpose.

Lakshman: I will resign. Will you do then?

Sudharsan: please don’t create a scene. Rules are for our convenience. If it is not convenient, we will throw away. I will provide yeoman service. What is the assignment is about and why do you ask me to do it?

Lakshman: you know I have a brother. One amongst us was adopted. I want to know who was adopted.

Sudharsan: why?

Lakshman: because I want to sleep peacefully he said with fight tooth and nail.

I understand Sudharsan without understanding. Lakshman asked him to complete the task before his brother’s marriage. This time Sudharsan didn’t ask him why. Though Lakshman answers it he won’t understand. He started his assignment from Lakshman. Lakshman said each and everything from beginning. But Lakshman was not aware of his parent’s life before his birth. Sudharsan asked brother’s birth certificate. Lakshman went to home and looked out for birth certificate. He got his birth certificate, not his brother’s. He asked father about ram’s birth certificate. He said it was lost. But Lakshman was not convinced. He searched all the rooms in his home. He couldn’t find it. He took the matter to Sudharsan’s ear.

Sudharsan: something is wrong. Did your father give your brother’s detail to any matrimonial site or astrologer?

Lakshman: yes. Bharath matrimonial.

Sudharsan: let us go and check out.

Lakshman: I don’t want to get involved directly. Go check it. If there is some problem, call me.

They said clients father asked not reveal the detail. Sudarshan called Lakshman. Lakshman arrived and asked for the certificate. He argued with them as he was his brother. They asked him to call his father and say it. As the matter was getting more complicated, he left the office. Sudharsan said he is going to robe it. Next day Sudharsan called Lakshman asked him to come to his office.

Lakshman: what happened? Did you robe the document? Why are you so confused?

Sudharsan: sit down. Your father and mother were living more than 3 years in America before and while you and your brother are born. What I am going to tell you will horrify you?

Lakshman: what happened? Brief it properly.

Sudharsan: 1st. you are three years elder than ram according to his real birth certificate. If we consider the date of birth of ram mentioned in other document and duplicate birth certificate, ram is three years elder than you.

2nd. your brother was born in India. But you are American by birth according to birth certificate.

3rd. so you should be the adopted child.

Lakshman: if a parent with a male baby wants to adopt a child, they will prefer baby girl. Why did they adopt me?

Sudharsan: the same thing makes me puzzled. Lakshman try to know about your parents past life. What they were doing in America. I have a friend who is running a laboratory. Ask your brother to take blood test and urine test. At the same time you also give your blood sample. Let us take a DNA TEST.

Lakshman: but why?

Sudharsan: just for a clarification.

Lakshman convinced ram to take his blood samples. After taking the blood samples from his brother, doctors took blood samples from Lakshman. After a week, report arrived. Sudharsan had deep discussion with his lab friend. Lakshman was waiting eagerly about the results of the report. Sudharsan came out and said he and his brother have the same gene construction and it suits with your father well.

Lakshman: what are you saying I don’t understand?

Sudharsan: you and your brother genetically belong to your father was the result.

Lakshman: how it is possible and how are you saying it without testing my father.

 Sudharsan: your father gave his blood for testing on the same day you gave the blood for testing.

Lakshman: why did he want to take his blood for test?

 Sudharsan: he is cancer don’t you know that. He took blood test for checking white blood cells and other immune cells.

Lakshman: What are you saying? I don’t know that he was having cancer. It is in which stage.

Sudharsan: cancer in kept under control. I think he is taking medications daily. Why he didn’t say anything to you?

Lakshman: I don’t know. He is a teetotaler. How did he was affected by cancer?

Sudharsan: I have only one answer for each and every questions and confusions occurring to you.

Lakshman: what is it?

Sudharsan: you should know about their past life.

Lakshman: how it is possible?

Sudharsan: do father have any close friend who knows about him more than you do?

Lakshman: Pragaladh uncle. But I don’t want to involve him in this issue.

Sudharsan: you want know about your parents past life. You don’t want to hear it from your parents and as well as the person who knows well about parents. Do you want me to use death breath drug on him?

Lakshman: what are you saying? Come again.

Sudharsan: nothing. It is a drug.

Lakshman: what drug?

Sudharsan: this drug is so dangerous. If inject it into a person, the person will do whatever you say without aware of what you say. If you ask them to kill someone, they will do without aware of crime. Next morning they will forget each and everything happened. Shockingly it is available even in the streets of America.

Lakshman: I need the drug. We are going to kidnap my uncle and inject vaccine. Get those drugs.

Sudharsan: are you serious?

Lakshman: yes I am.

As per plan they kidnapped Pragalad uncle and injected the drug with a help of a doctor. After an hour, interrogation began. At the same time Lakshman was receiving call from his father. He attended the call. His father informed him that uncle didn’t go to home after working hours. As the issue was getting serious, he asked Sudharsan to complete interrogation fast.

Sudharsan: hello I am Sudharsan what is your name? What are you doing?

Praglad: my name is Praglad. I am a barrister.

Sudharsan: nice. Who is Dasarathan?

Praglad: my friend from my childhood.

Sudharsan: how many children does your friend have?

Praglad: two men. Ram and Lakshman.

Sudharsan: both of them are really born to them?

Praglad: yes.

Sudharsan: but Lakshman was an American by birth and as well as he was one and a half years elder than his brother. How can you say that he was born to Dasarathan?

Praglad: during college days, Dasarthan and Geetha fall in love with each other. Geetha loves to spend her time mostly with her father. She was a passive smoker. His father died of smoking. After that he decided to marry her. Before getting married, they identified cancer was growing inside her and it was in the middle stage. Dasar took her to America for higher treatment. The medications made cancer to come under control. But it didn’t stay for long time. The only way to make her survive is to “make her pregnant”. As all the doors were closed Dasar decided to have sex with her. But he was also keeping his life in risk. He didn’t care about his life. Dasar had sex with Geetha before marriage. His efforts were not in vain. She survived. But he was affected later. He is not like Geetha. He kept cancer under control. After becoming pregnant, she came out of cancer within 6 months.  Due to societies back biting, they were in need of hiding the child born to him. They left Lakshman in Christ orphanage home in America. They had another child after one and a half years of recovery.  Geetha felt guilty. Making a child orphan is a sin. So she asked Dasar to get back her child. He got Lakshman back within one month. But they stayed in America for one and a half years. To show Lakshman is one and a half years old. Even I knew the news only after ram and Lakshman read legatee. Dasar told me everything before writing legatee. I know Dasar is a good husband and a good father. But he is good human by birth. Ram and Lakshman are blessed to have parents like Dasar and Geetha. It is their duty to fulfill their parents wish.

Lakshman came out of the room and gone in silence. Sudharsan asked what happened. He began to cry   screamingly. Sudharsan said” don’t worry. Many children were orphan even though their parents are alive, because they were not able to find them. But you are lucky. You had your parents back again. So be cheerful and happy for what you have in your life. Be thoughtful and thankful for your parents who didn’t let you go out from their presence. Make their wish to come true. Live with your brother until you die. After few hours praglad uncle will be back to consciousness. So call your father and tell him that he is safe with you. I will come to ram’s marriage as your friend, not as a person who knows his past. You should not be elder than him. Ram must be Ram and Lakshman must be Lakshman.

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