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Sometimes schools can use a lot of paper, more than necessary. My school, on the other hand, has a better alternative for that. My school uses electronics instead of paper. Projects look better, and there is an economic advantage. We do this by using Google Drive. We decided to make this change because using electronics is better than using paper.

Using electronics can greatly enhance how creative you are with your project, and can also make your project look neater. Furthermore, using apps that electronic devices have to offer could allow you to create things you wouldn’t be able to create using paper. In addition to that, by using a computer you could fix a mistake, whereas if you made a mistake using a marker, you wouldn’t be able to erase it.

Another reason to get computers instead of paper is that you could use electronics to save money. According to “Vision of Earth”, it is not rare to see one person paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on paper. Using electronics, however, you have to only pay once. This means that instead of paying thousands per year, you can pay less than one thousand only once, and a computer lasts more than two years. If you use electronics instead of constantly buying paper for the next few years, you will be able to save a ton of money.

One thing that some people may ask is: “How would I be able to substitute electronics for paper?” The answer is simple: mostly, you can use Google Drive, but you can also use other programs. For instance, if you have a group project that is due the next day, you could create a presentation on Google Drive, and share it with your group. This means that you would all be able to work on the same document, at the same time, from different places. Google Drive is basically an online version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

All of this evidence suggests that using computers other than paper is not only beneficial for adults, as it is also beneficial for students, since they wouldn’t have to carry heavy textbooks to school or print things. Using electronics instead of paper is a great idea. It can make projects look better, save money, and do much more! Using Google Drive to turn homework in is one of the best ways to begin! Now, do you think your school can stop wasting paper?

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