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Ankidroid for NEET PG preparation

Dilan Davis
Tue, 02/19/2019 - 10:58


Now, this is one app which I have probably used the most for my NEET PG preparation. It is basically a flashcard app. For those who are not familiar with flashcards, a flashcard is a card bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used for revising and memorizing. One writes a question on one side and an answer overleaf. There are a lot of flash card apps available in the playstore and you can use any of them. Now this app is based on the principle of spaced repetition for revision. You can make your own flashcards in the app(so this app is of better use if you start a bit early). These flashcards are then repeated in the app on particular time intervals.

The time interval is dependent upon how you mark the question side of the flashcard- easy, good, hard or again.

You can also group the flashcards into decks. I had a deck each for all of the subjects.

You can also add images into your flashcards. This helps in revising image based questions with ease. I used to keep the image as the question card and its description as the answer flashcard.

Also, you can add pictures of important handwritten notes/screenshots as answers for a general revision. For example, ‘different types of amyloidosis’ was a topic which I had difficulty remembering. So I had “amyloidosis” as the question and the photo of the text with details of amyloidosis as the answer. I would then cover one half of the mobile screen with my hand and then try to recall the other side.

I used to even add mnemonics to the flashcards.

(mnemonic courtesy: medicowesome)

What to add:

When you start to use ankidroid, you might be confused about what to add and what not to. I used to have a two step check.

  1. Is it likely that I will forget it? AND
  2. Is it important? And to know whether it is important-
    • Is it a previously asked question?
    • Is it from a repeatedly asked topic?
    • Gut feeling ;)

When to add:

I used to make flashcards while I am studying. To avoid any possible distractions, I would switch off the internet on the mobile phone and then use ankidroid.

Time to revise:

Over some time your collection will grow in huge size. So it might get difficult for you to revise the cards you have made. This is how I used to use the app for revision.

  1. Fixed 10 minutes a day

I had a fixed time of ten minutes every night for using this app. My alarm would go off at 12:20 am every night with the label “revise” and I would hit the snooze button and then I would finish any number of cards that I could before the alarm sounded again.

     2. Waiting time

Also, I would use it whenever I had to wait at any place, especially during boring travel, waiting in a queue, waiting for a friend to get ready etc. Now, this is a very convenient tool for studying outdoors. You won’t be stared at as if you are a nerd(which might happen if you are carrying around books). You don’t need to care about internet speed as this is an offline app.

     3. Before exams

Before any exam which I intend to attempt sincerely, I would finish off the remaining flashcards.


Sync: You can add an email id and then sync it across your devices. And make sure you sync it occasionally so that you don’t lose your precious flashcards.

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