Haunted House

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who loved to travel a lot. One day, he decided to visit a distant country. But he had a problem. Who will take care of his house during his voyage? He asked his neighbor to do it, who happily agreed. 

After a few days, the neighbor wanted to move into the now empty house. Since he owns the keys, he opened the door and brought his baggage in. He was amazed to find the large house and its spacious rooms. 

At sunset, he decided to go out to buy some needs. When he returned, to his surprise, he found the lights lit and the kitchen cupboard wide open. He began inspecting this giant house, room-by-room but he found nothing there. 

The man became confused and scared. This happened every day. After a few days, the man got used to the strange phenomenon that happens in the house, from the ignition of the lights and the opening of the doors and the windows. 

When the owner of the house returned from his travel, he thought that his neighbor enjoyed while he was at home. He was surprised to find an angry and scared neighbor instead. 

Neighbor: “Did you come back from travel, finally”?

The rich man was surprised by his question. He asked:
“How did you like staying at my house?”

The neighbor answered with difficulty:
“Your house is beautiful but very scary. I don’t know how you live alone. It’s kinda noisy in the night and during the day. And there are strange things happening, seemingly at random!”

The house’s owner replied: 
“Well, I’m not sure about that, but it’s okay let’s see.”

They entered the house, and the neighbor thought to himself:
“I think it’s time to see what will happen”

As expected, when they entered the house, the lights lit and the windows closed. 

The owner asked: 
“You meant these things?”

The neighbor answered:
“Yes, I meant these strange things”

The rich man replied:
“That ain’t like what you think. Let me tell you something. This house is very sophisticated. It’s functioning automatically. Almost everything here works automatically – the lights, the doors, and the windows.”

The neighbor was choked and at the same time felt ashamed, because he has never lived in a modern house like that.

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