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Will Power

A Painting of William Shakespeare

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”-Milton Berle

We often hear from our elders, that opportunity knocks only once. But I think when you see an opportunity passing by; you could make an effort and grab it rather than waiting to let it knock on your door.

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Mixed Feelings

The Marina Beach

Cold air striking my face through the window of a moving compartment of the train making my face shrink, not by the cold that I feel but by things wandering in my heart. These things are the mixed feelings. All these feelings nullify each other ensuing me with a blank face. I am feeling stressed, frustrated, agitated lonely, bored and bounded with some excitement, happiness and freedom. All these feelings are sinking me down with some upliftment in compensation. I am the one who does things that I like enjoy, love to do in the illumination of full freedom.

Corpus Delicti

Finger print analysis and the body of crime

Moser was dead. Sitting on an overstuffed chair in his office in arrested aggression and eyes wide open, he was stabbed by a dagger in the chest- boldly and strongly; the handle of the dagger was fixed and jutted out almost vertically from the left side of his chest.