How to Prepare for NEET SS Exams? 7 Tips for the Final Month


Preparing for medical entrance exams isn’t just about studying hard; it’s about devising a smart plan, dedicated revision, and perfecting your test-taking game. Join me as I walk you through my own NEET SS success journey, sharing the strategies that helped me secure a spot at the esteemed Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Let’s dive into the three pillars of my preparation: Planning, Revision, and Testing.

Crafting the Plan: A Flexible Framework

Dividing my preparation into three phases provided the structure I needed:

First Reading

I kicked off with a comprehensive sweep, courtesy of Doctutorials QRP. Once I had the overview, I dug deep with detailed readings, using resources like video lectures.

Focused Detailed Reading

I invested quality time to ensure I understood the crucial topics that I felt were important for the exam. Having both these in mind, I made a plan for the month, followed by planning every week and day.

I invested quality time to ensure I understood the crucial topics of NEET SS exam

Revision: The Backbone of Success

I didn’t wait for my first round of study to start the revision. It was an ongoing study plan.

Ankidroid: The Active Revision Companion

My trusty Ankidroid became my revision sidekick. I snapped important bits and pieces and revisited them regularly.

Strategic Revision Timing

Anchoring revision into my routine was key. I started and ended each day with 20 Ankidroid cards. This was a habit right from my third year. Those waiting moments? They transformed into productive revision time. So all the time I would have otherwise spent on Instagram and Facebook (which I had uninstalled) scrolling turned into productive moments.

The Test Strategy: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Mock Tests, the Game Changer

Super-specialty mock tests became my secret weapon. Doctutorial mock exams were my go-to. I attempted every mock exam they gave in real-time. Whenever a test date is announced in the app, I would stop everything else one day prior and revise whatever I had prepared for that exam (if it’s subject-wise, then that particular subject). This way, I had a progress card with me. I knew where I was making mistakes and where can I improve.

My test performance didn’t just indicate academic gaps. It highlighted factors like clothing, breakfast choices, and mental calmness that could impact my performance.

The Art of Not Repeating Mistakes

One rule I had right from my NEET PG preparation times was “NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE.” For this, I had a mistake notebook. Previously it was a hard copy. Now I use One Notes of Microsoft. This allowed me to revise even on mobile phones. So I would revise this mistake book before each exam so that I don’t repeat the same one again. I used Ankidroid also for the same purpose.

Learning from Competitors

I embraced the tests from rival apps like Marrow, Prepladder, and Speed. Exposure to diverse questions kept me on my toes. I also used the quiz of the day of each app whenever I was bored. Prepladder had a nice quiz of the day with a leaderboard.

The Final Countdown: Last Week’s Tactics

Intense Revision Phase

The last week was sacred. I began my day by wrapping up my Ankidroid cards and then immersed myself in vital questions.

Taming Exam Day Jitters

Opt for a familiar exam city. Remember, the celebration can wait—prioritize travel and lodging preparations.

Mastering the Clock: NEET SS Study Routine and Hours

Stepping Up Study Hours

As the exam neared, I gradually increased my study hours to around 10 hours each day in the last month and 14 hours in the final week. I used Yeolpumta to track my study hours. I would start tracking, turn off all mobile notifications, start Lofi music on Spotify and then start studying.

The Study Session Routine

I adopted a rhythmic pattern—study for an hour, followed by a 5-minute breather, and after three cycles, I took a longer break. I used Yeolpumta to track my NEET SS study time and compete with others like me.

Last tips

Harnessing Study Channels

YouTube channels with built-in Pomodoro timers and study music were a boon for focused studying.

Championing Health

A healthy body and mind are your allies. Prioritize good food, exercise, and ample rest to stay sharp.

Staying Resilient

Don’t let setbacks dim your spirit. Positivity and determination pave the path to triumph.


My journey of NEET SS, from preparation to success, was about smart planning, persistent revision, and tactical test-taking. Remember, it’s not just about what you study but how you strategize that sets you on the path to success.

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