Yeolpumta: Study Tracker for NEET SS Preparation

Yeolpumta: Study Tracker for NEET SS Preparation

Being a past user of HealthifyMe and having successfully reduced a significant amount of weight, tracking stuff was my way to achieve my goals. This time I decided to track my study timings.

What is Yeolpumta?

First, I tried an app called atimelogger, which was good. I could track my study time, sleep time, etc. But still, I wanted something better. And I came across the mobile application, Yeolpumta (Android | iOS). In Korean, the application name is an abbreviation for “Yeoljeong pumeun taimeo” (열정 품은 타이머), which means “Enthusiastic Timer” in literal translation.

Yeolpumta mobile app interface

How Yeolpumta helped me?

What made it different was that I could see myself studying and tracking it along with others with similar goals. I joined a group related to NEET PG (since I could not find a group for NEETSS), and pretty much everyone there was a hard worker.

And this app blocks other apps, so I am not distracted. In case, I need to use a study-related app, I can add it to the allowed apps.

One could also get insights like, maximum hours at a stretch, break durations, and comparison with previous weeks and months. We could also see others’ insights, which is also kind of motivating, in the way that we understand that we can push ourselves harder.

What did my study schedule look like?

So my usual study day started with

1. Turning on ‘Do not disturb on my phone

2. Playing Spotify study music

3. Yeolpumta

I used to have a minimum target of 6 hours. On the days in which I crossed 6 hours, I would check others’ logs and would try to compete with them in the hours. The icons for each person also change depending on the hours studied. There are world rankings too, which is also motivating.

Some people would wonder why bother so much and turn “studying” into something so complicated. I personally used to feel this like Gamifying studying, and so was good for me and helped me secure a decent rank.

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  1. This app is fantastic! We started using it for internal medicine board exam preparation, and as you said, the gamification of studying is awesome.

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