right and wrong

It was a long long way. I was tired. Then I saw the shortcut. But there I saw a board saying ”Pits all along. Be really careful”. I knew I am careful enough and walked ahead. I fell once. I got up. There I was, in the second pit. I fell thrice; may be twice more. I became even more tired. I stopped. I rested by the road. Then I saw, a young guy, taking the shortcut. I told him “Be really really careful” . He frowned at me and told “What right do you have to advise me? You yourself fell 10 times?” I replied, “I fell 10 times and that gives me all the right to advise you. Falling is not at all a good experience”. He kept walking….

I was 90 kg then. I was at a party. I saw a friend who was in good health eating huge pieces of pizza one after the other. I walked to him and told, “Don’t eat too much. You might become obese soon.” He laughed and replied, “Look at you. Do you think you have the right to advise me?” I told ”Look at yourself. I was once thinner than you. And this was how it all started”. He grinned and continued eating.

I got bail and I was back in the streets again. I regretted the murders I did. There I saw under the street light two guys shouting at each other. I went near them. I told them to sort out things peacefully. They pushed me aside and shouted at me, “You killed two and now you are asking for peace? What makes you think that you have the right to advise us”? I replied, ”I killed twice and this was how it all began”. They ignored me and continued fighting.

I was never right. I made mistakes. And mistakes taught me. People kept telling being right gives you the right. I had to be silent, for I WAS WRONG.

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