Grandfather and grandson on the sea shore

This is a short story series that talks about grandpa’s weird bedtime stories which speaks humanity in all aspects to a young man who is in his twenties. The series will be continued! Let’s start it!

Grandpa: Bedtime my boy! Time to visit your kingdom of dreams. Chip chop junior.

Junior: Grandy, my sleep cycle will be incomplete, if I am left without bedtime stories. Please do the honours!

Grandpa: Seriously junior? You are in your twenties! You are asking for bedtime stories like a ten year old!

Junior: Age is not the point. I am hyper. Without a soothing story, I won’t be procuring a good sound sleep. So, it’s your duty to make me sleep well grandy. Or else, you will find a notorious bugger inside who will be irking the whole street all night.

Grandpa: Aha! Fine. Your wish is my command. What kind of a story you would prefer to be narrated?

Junior: Love story with unexpected ending!

Grandpa: What? You are expecting a love story during your bed time, that too from your grandfather!

Junior: My wish is your command. I remember it.

Grandpa: Ok. The story is about a tenacious, heart-warming, lovely at the same time lonely guy who bumps into a free spirited girl. Life tends to be dirty minded with a beautiful heart!

Junior: That’s cute. Then?

Grandpa: He feels regretful.

Junior: For falling in love?

Grandpa: No, for being abandoned by her forever.

Junior: Why so?

Grandpa: Regret was not his cup of tea. Again, his life turned around and proved he was wrong. He regretted for everything which brought them closer. He regretted for meeting her, holding many empty talks which brought them together, mountains and bikes that made them to travel to satisfy their wanderlust, eyes which drove him into her soul, to a great extent he mourned for his birth the ultimate reason for meeting you and falling in love. The blood ran gloomy in his veins! The pain of death seemed infinitely small compared to the pain of anticipating a thought to live life without her. It seemed a boundless eternal suffering.

Junior: He was so deep and sincerely in love with her. What made him to fall for her?

Grandpa: The pain which makes a man’s life cursed, made him fall for her. The pain which rumbles you with words of separations, was cursing him in a vicious cycle of desperation and hatred. His psychological needs, has gone for a toss. Getting used to agony was never an accustomed virtue for anyone. He was a normally abnormal person who consistently thought of losing his beloved ones. Disappointments and humiliations seemed esoteric. She scarred his life forever. He can’t accept this grief. It was tearing him to scrapes.

At the middle of the unkempt, muddy bustling road which seems to be the bloodline of the Kolkata cities road transport, He prematurely takes the blow which made him to lose his balance, despite he tried to reach her hands. But, she left him to mourn. Traffic jammed.  Alien cars stomping, bike roaring, bicycles mounting on the platform to move on, heavy load vehicles impatiently honking, bizarrely shaded private buses losing control to budge, invariably tinged government buses posing its tidy space to afford passengers. But, none was ready to back him. I was persecuted by reckless stony human. Without understanding his condition, People poured their hatred and unpleasant expression for blocking their ways. As he moved off, whole scenario seemed to return normalcy. But, it began to collapse. The auto driver kick started the chaos, as his drive was off wrong side. His wrong approach was an accompanied by several other fellow stupid common senseless people. The vehicles started bashing and impinging each other. The place turned havoc. No one was left with time of sympathy, patience, respect, kindness, gratitude. No humanity left in our hearts. No one intended to help!

The life seemed as messy and convoluted as the road were! He was sitting on the platform and crying for help. No one availed. She could have stabbed him to a painful death instead of cursing him to live a remorseful life that tends to be nearly impossible without her. She could have preferred a guy, who was seemingly a better groom for you, by all means, instead of acquainting with him. Why did she want to throw a malison by preferring him!  Why you and me!? Is it my fate, now I am a dead meat?  First time we met, the road detached us. Despite we communicated. I strived to zip off my thoughts. The fear of rejection silenced me. But, you didn’t try to speak up.  You gave those actions which poked tons roses blossomed in my heart, then why do you want to throw dessert me from happiness and joy.

Junior: why did she leave her?  Their parents were not ready to accept the marriage proposal? Caste?  Religion? What was the bone of contention?

Grandpa: Death was the bone of contention!

Junior: What?

Grandpa: Feather brained drunkard drove his bike on the platform. Drunkard lost the balance while driving on the platform. The biker caught hold of the lamp post and left the bike. It strikes down her right thigh and she fell over the fast pacing private cab. It smacked and twirled her in air. She landed with few breaths left in her. She was gasping and bleeding. White liquid oozed out of her ears, indicating cerebral haemorrhage and skull injury. His heart found froze, everything turned to run in slow motion. He took few milliseconds to recover and turned blue, his life went dark. He didn’t mind the vehicles racing to cross the signal; he raced as fast as tracer bullet to hold her hands in the last few crucial moments. His intervene collapsed the rhythm of the vehicle on both sides. Despite of such innumerable pain, for the last time, She signed, “I………………………………” and left and this beautiful inhuman world forever to remorse!!!

Junior: So, you meant he was trying to save her. Though it was an accident, no one stepped forward to help him save his girl. Instead, they were scolding him for blocking the way and asked him to leave the way. His love was left to death.

Gandpa: Yes! That’s the end of the chapter.

Junior: That’s not fair. This seems treacherous. I am not ready to accept the chapter to end this way.

Grandpa: I said we are done with the chapter, not the story. Rest will be narrated tomorrow.

Junior: Grandy please! Just reveal the gist of the tomorrow’s part!

Grandpa: Promise me that you will not bug me and take a decent nap after revealing the gist.

Junior: Such a sick head, I promise you Grandy. What happened to him in the next chapter?

Gandpa: He decides to extinguish humans forever

To be continued.

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