the life of failure

Wondering about her life, a girl walks on a rainy day in the streets, cursing God, why everything on this earth has turned upside down. She worked hard. Sacrificed all the joys in life just to accomplish something unimaginable. Then why has she failed? No, it’s not her first try. She has tried several times. But still she failed.

As she wonders about her hopeless life, she reaches home. Not for the support of her family that whenever sees her reminds her always of her wasteful dreams. She goes directly to her room without talking to anyone, lies on her bed and wonders what her fate is destined for. 

As she looks at the past, she is reminded of all the things that have come upon her way. First, her parents not encouraging her for the path she chose. Second, changing the path for her parents to something she never wanted. Third, failing at it. and Fourth, people talking behind her back.

She never cared much of the outsiders whose job is only to talk about kids who have failed, and boasting about their kids, who have got everything by influence. She looks up at the sky where the sun comes out and smiles. 

She says finally to herself:

” I don’t know what I am destined to be. I don’t know whether all my hard work has been a waste. I don’t know if my life will ever get better. And I don’t know if I will ever make it to the top. But I know that like the darkness in my life there will soon be a sun who shall give me rays of hope. And I know that it will be a new beginning of my life, and from there on I shall never look back”.

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  1. No one is a failure forever.
    No one is a failure forever. Life is full of high phases and low phases. Just consider that your low phase is going on. I liked it when you ended it in a positive note, where you said words filled with hope. Never loose hope, as hope and teh ability to forget are the biggest gifts of mankind. In every bad situation, there will always be something to rejoice for. Find yours and I am sure you will be glad.

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