The oxford dictionary gives the word meaning of ‘expectation’ as-The belief that something will happen or be the case. Now why I chose such a topic to write upon is that I myself have been victim to disappointment due to this evil called ‘expectations’. And I know that it’s not only me but many of you out there who are reading this piece. Why I call it ‘evil’ is because when you expect beyond limits it only gives you disappointment.

All my teenage years were wasted in expecting that my parents would understand the stupid thoughts playing in my head without me telling them..that they would UNDERSTAND me and become the perfect parents I envisioned from the knowledge gained from how-to-become-a-good-parent articles from magazines….and friends, frankly speaking, the only result of all this was-me sulking all day,complaigning,lamenting,fighting-with-all-my-might with my parents and taking classes for them on how-to-become-a-good-parent!!!!!!Now as I write this I smile at my own behaviour..I’m thankful I changed…for better…I understood how much my parents meant to me when I first left home to study in a hostel and could not see them for a year!

I am now a student of MBBS, and at times pondering over small aspects of life and formulating my own philosophy about them helps me calm down…

This is my view on ‘the habit of expecting’:

It’s natural to expect things to happen in life the way you want them to; I would say it serves as boost to living life…but any habit can be good when it is moderate and is under your control! Things go haywire (out of control) when the habit controls you. It is then that expecting becomes an evil.

 For Eg:Two friends-unless one friend opens up and tells the other about what she wants from her, how can things go smooth between them?? Now I know this is a case of miscommunication, but it has arose from the habit of expecting (of one friend) that the other person knows exactly how you feel and what you need without you opening your mouth.

Two lovers: one expects the other to always be in touch even though both are away from each other doing their own respective jobs. Now neither of them knows what exactly the other is going through…but will expect, get disappointed, fight…well it goes on.

Friends how many times have we restricted ourselves from calling a friend-expecting that he/she might UNDERSTAND that you need them and call you?

To be honest it is this over-expecting-without-reason that I want to warn you about…

Let us take stand today friends-run our lives on our terms and not by some stupid habit or obsession. Let us make that ring we have been putting off for so long, let US be UNDERSTANDING towards the ones we love and those who love us so dearly but are unable to cope with our expectations…Let not one relationship henceforth be strained due to the habit of expecting…

Wishing you all the success and loving surroundings (it is up to you to make the people around you love or hate you)…Signing off…

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  1. Expectations are good as it
    Expectations are good as it provides us with the thriving force to live in certain situations. But over expectation is an evil, as you rightly pointed out. Well said.

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