Chambal – An Overview of Current Scenario (Part-1)

by Brajesh Lahri

Dried weather, Dried land ,and people with dry behaviour ,this is how I will summarize Chambal (more commonly called land of dacoits and bandits).

5th June, 2015
Yadunath Nagar,  Bhind

Scorching hot loo, Large ravines ,with few thorny bushes growing on the steep sides of  dry barren pieces of land. Welcome to Chambal ,the land of dacoits as it is known for.

Dried weather, Dried land ,and people with dry behaviour ,this is how I will summarize Chambal (more commonly called land of dacoits and bandits).

Geographically ,this area is located at the northern most part of Madhya Pradesh. Chambal area consists mainly of three districts of MP i.e. Bhind,Morena and Gwalior. Always remained famous for dreadful dacoits and harsh tongued people,this area has been home to most of the  celebrity dacoits like Foolan Devi,Paan Singh Tomar, Malkhan Singh, Nirbhay Gurjar, Rambabu Gadariya and many more.

For about 60 years after independence, this area was ruled by dacoits.Bit due to the efforts of Govt. of MP, now their no. has become very less.
Leaving aside the history and dacoits, I would like to describe what today’s Chambal looks like.

Talking about people , People of Chambal still talk and behave the same way they used to do a hundred years ago.It is considered that if you cannot swear at anyone’s sister or mother every tenth second,you aren’t a man enough. If you go out for a walk on roads of any city in this area, probably you will hear more abusive words i.e. Gaalis than normal decent conversation.

Education has never been a problem in this area because of oppressive nature of people. All the school exams, right from 1st Std to 12th Std have always been open book exams ( not officially) since independence. Since then, my people have made a lot of progress in this regard. This trend of  copying in exams (u might call it cheating) has been integrated into degree exams like BA,BSc,B.Com,MA,MSc also.

Now,its obvious for you to have a question that how is it even possible ? Is government not there ? Government Officers’,Police not there ?

Answer to this question is very simple. Chambal area (to be precise Bhind district) has largest number of licensed firearms as compared to any district of India,and also people don’t hesitate to use them (obviously for murdering someone).Exams are mostly conducted with the power of these firearms.Whether a teacher or ,police or,govt officers ;Nobody has any other choice ,apart from allowing an open book examination(because nobody wants to die by falling in such paltry issues). But to end this exam issue on a happy note,I would like to tell that centre for any of the competitive exams like AIIMS, AIPMT , JEE etc is never kept in this area(probably govt. doesn’t want all professional colleges full of chambalites !! )

In Chambal ,Owning a gun is considered a matter of pride( similar to owning an Audi or a BMW ) and its a common sight to find people roaming around, with rifles dangling on their shoulders. There are still many other things to talk about ,apart from guns,goons and gaalis.

( Other things shall be covered in Part-2 of this series )

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