by Akanksha jain

I was sleeping I know but I am awaken now
So I refuse to close my eyes again
You told me to take some futile vows
But I refuse to be the part of some gender game
You said I shouldn’t learn to be independent
But I refuse to lean on you for my trouble
You said there is not any way for my dreams
I say I refuse to be in the chain for my struggle

My passion my ambitions were ignored by you
So I refuse to care for your vintage customs
You barred me for the things I deserved
So I am here to gain my dignity and will blossom

I will get what I worth nobody can stop me on this earth
If you will do crime I refuse to be your victim
If you think you are god I refuse my devotion
You say you care but from your violence I am never spared
So I refuse to be a fearful creature and will come up as wonder maker

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