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The technology trends have been kicking rapidly over the past few years. We have been amazed with 2013 creative inventions such as evolving of mobile devices, high tech toys, electric powered vehicles, new gadgets, great Architectural structures and a lot more that indeed brought amazing benefits and changes in our daily lives. US inventions will certainly continue to emerge all throughout this entire period not only to provide profit but also to inspire people and improve human civilization.

As the previous year ends, techie people love to know technology predictions and latest inventions of this current year. This 2014, cool ideas for inventions have been predicted particularly in the technology trends. Here are the new inventions 2014 predictions based upon technology expert’s insights;

Advancements on Mobile Devices/iPhones/Tablets/iPods

This year, there is a huge expectation on mobile devices, iPhones and tablets concerning its features, security and usability. We can anticipate the development of biometric technology for security function, iPad version to focus on business efficiency, more reliable media player, digital imaging products and more improved megapixel and sensor on cameras.

Holographic Interfaces

The holographic interface is one of US inventions expected to launch this year. It is a touch less computer input method where you can control and reach out to floating images without literally touching it. We’ve seen it from popular movies such as Iron Man and The Avengers and will soon be everywhere. This definitely can give an entirely amazing touch less experience.

High Definition and High Tech TV’s

This 2014, we can expect to hear more about the TV industry as they promised high definition displays, excellent colors, OLED and modern control panel design that could give an extraordinary viewing experience. Apple will also launch an Ultra HD TV set with high tech features great for music, photos and video streaming. 4K HDTV will also be a hit this year with its high quality resolution, more efficient and thinner, enhancements in displays and better color accuracy. Perhaps, 2014 will bring great innovation to the television industry.

New Model Vehicles

2014 will probably become the busiest year for new model vehicles. Consumers can expect well enhanced automobiles as car manufacturers start to uncover the 2015 model cars. Car companies mentioned features such as 4G connectivity, built-in apps, improved mobile integration and internet accessibility.

Everything Computing

Personal computing model has also projected to change to everything computing (EC) from this 2014 up to subsequent years. As people are most likely spend their time on the internet with their laptops, tablets and smartphones, there must be extreme changes with how people socialize, communicate and manage certain business operations. There must be upgrades on data and storage system, security, connectivity and content delivery process.

We have a long way to go and we can surely expect more surprises, latest inventions and new technology trends that 2014 would bring. This will be an exciting period for everyone as the movement in technology accelerates with numerous ideas, inventions and innovations to help improve entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals everyday errands. If you are a fan of gadgets and cool ideas for inventions, then prepare yourself for the latest and creative discoveries of the year.

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