In this article I am going to tell you my experience so that you can do better without any help of others in First year MBBS.

Hello friends! I am Sohel Inamdar studying MBBS at BJ Medical College, Pune. I have just given my first year university exam and waiting for the results.
First of all congrats to you for your achievement in PMT exam and getting admission in Medical institution. In this article I am going to tell you my experience so that you can do better without any help of others in First MBBS.
Starting with the subjects, there are three subjects for first year: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry.
For this you can refer the textbooks given below that I have used


Anatomy –

Must use –
BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy 3Volumes
General Anatomy by BD Chaurasia
Diflores Atlas Of Histology
IB Singh Embryology Textbook
IB Singh Neuroanatomy Textbook

Options –
Vishram Singh Human Anatomy 3 volumes
Vishram Singh Neuroanatomy Textbook
Gray’s Anatomy For Students (It is the Father of Anatomy Textbooks)

Physiology –

Must use –
Guyton and Hall Textbook of Physiology
Preparatory Manual of Physiology by VD Joshi
BJ Notes for Maharashtra Students

Options –
Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology
K Sembulingum Textbook of Physiology

Biochemistry –

Must use –
DM Vasudevan Textbook of Biochemistry
Satyanaryan Textbook of Biochemistry

Options –
Harper’s Biochemistry

There are Two semesters for the first year. So you have three main exams those are Terminal, Prelim, And University. With theory papers you will have Practicals with them. 50% marks is criteria for passing in MBBS.

For Anatomy, you need to concentrate on your dissection classes as they are more helpful in viva as well as in theory understanding also. Do questions which are asked in previous exams of university for last 10 years seriously. Bones are covered in BDC, emphasize on them as they carry great weightage in practicals. Histology Slides and Embryology models are best things for active learning if you are doing them simultaneously with your theory part. Neuroanatomy is most interesting but less asked subject in Anatomy but it has to be done with passion as its concepts are tough to digest. If you do General Anatomy before start of college then it is cherry on the cake!

In physiology, you need to put down notes in lectures as they can save time for revision. Guyton is textbook that explain every concept in systematic manner that even child can understand it so do it better. For practical you have to be attentive and smart in Clinical Examination because it carries great importance. Use VD Joshi for Q&A type learning. Same format is given in BJ Notes.

Biochemistry is one of the easiest subject in First MBBS. They have questions which are repeated in exams. But certain concepts can make you bore! But it is a high scoring subject. Doing Qualitative and Quantitative practicals sincerely can give you better output. All the cycles in textbook are important and save your writing time in exams.

Don’t get carried with others and never let your holiday hangover rule on you. Do sufficient but continuous study from first day of college. Also take part in co-curricular activities but don’t waste time in doing silly things as you have your second year for these timepass stuffs. Always attend every dissection, practical. Bunk also if you are getting bored but for certain limit. Don’t get frustrated with your marks as it is a tradition to give less marks so that you can study more. Always give all small tests that are arranged by all departments. Follow your hobbies and enjoy the learning process. I am pretty sure you will find these things very helpful. Study it in your way and you will definitely reach your goal. My best wishes are with you. You can ask doubt’s and queries in comment or email me
Goodbye. Thank you for reading.

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