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As soon as I came to know about the debate, I decided I would participate. This decision was just based on my ASSUMPTION that I am a Great Orator. Next thing I did was to check out, what the topic is. I read some related literature on the internet. Then, as USUAL I left the rest of it for the last day.  On the last day, I decided to sleep for some time, so that I get EXCELLENT ideas. Then, when one of my friends asked me “Wanna go out for food?” “Of course, it’s been a long time” was my instant reply.

I was exhausted by the time I came back. But I knew I HAD to do it. So I asked My Friend for some help. As USUAL, the answer was “Sure”. Next, I told whatever LITTLE I had thought, to her. She was not satisfied. She BELIEVED I could do a lot more. Then, again I was given some time to think. And, EUREKA!!!!! I got a breakthrough idea, New Concept ‘Evidence Based Voluntary Euthanasia’. Yes, ‘Should Euthanasia be Legalized?’ was the topic for the debate. After some discussion, it was decided that ‘As the basic idea is clear, putting down on paper could be done tomorrow’. But this was the last day right? Actually debate was a part of a Conference which was being held out of station. So, LAST day was actually the last day before leaving.

On the next day, My Friend wrote as much as she could, as she was quite busy. I got that paper, but was not SATISFIED, as I thought it was not the same as my Original Idea. In the evening, when I sat down to actually finalize the draft, I realized I was in trouble. I was well aware of my NOT SO GOOD writing skills. I also knew very well that I did not know any background information about Euthanasia. So, out of three important aspects for preparing for a debate, I know I did not have any Literary Skills or Background Information, the only thing I had is a Breakthrough Idea. 

Just then, I spotted My Eveready Friend. I requested him to find some recent facts about the topic and let me know. And, as USUAL, he agreed. Next, I approached My Lazy but Helpful Friend. I somehow managed to persuade him to help me with the writing part. But, as his name suggests, he did not write anything in complete sentences, and he ended up giving me nothing but more ideas. I realized I was late for the train. I somehow reached there just ON time, only to discover that my train is late by 2 hours.

By this time I had begun to get second thoughts about participating in the debate. But, because there was some time, I gathered enough COURAGE to start reading the literature that My Eveready Friend had collected for me. Then, I started writing afresh. It ended up more like clear-cut in-short scientific facts rather than anything else. Well, I KNEW that this would happen. I was not that Happy. Then, as USUAL, I decided to do rest TOMORROW. I boarded the train and slept.

Next morning, I realized as the train was late, I had some more spare time. Now again, I would have to CONFRONT my draft. I resumed writing from where I left, still in a dilemma “Should I participate or not” I reached my destination, quickly reached the place from the railway station. I attended the lectures that were scheduled before the debate, but just physically as my mind was busy with drafting (still), besides the dilemma.

Finally, the debate began, and with that I DECIDED I wouldn’t participate. But then, two of My Ready To Go Everywhere Friends (who would be there for all such conferences), encouraged me, “You Can Do It”. As USUAL, an idea struck me. “Why not give it a try? Let’s see how far could ideas and facts (science) go without sophisticated language (literature)? ”. I remembered my parents, as I ALWAYS do before adrenaline takes over me. So I was ready to Orate my DRAFT. I kept it short for two reasons. First, I could not think of anything else. Second, I thought “When I am on stage, I will Orate more than what I wrote”. Actually, the latter one, just to see the brighter side of whatever was going to happen.

My name was called, I MARCHED towards the podium. I was CONFIDENT that my voice and body language would supplement whatever was incomplete. I began. I finished. Yes, it was that quick. The critics began with gentle comments and as they proceeded I realized they were not that IMPRESSED. He said “You spoke for the motion, but it appeared as if you spoke against the motion as well”.

 I WENT back to my seat, thought to myself “It was not that GREAT, but it was not as bad as the critics perceived. My Breakthrough Idea was pretty original. The other participants repeated the same thing over and over again, using different sophisticated-high-level phrases. Are the critics that dumb, that they could not understand the matter which I put forward in simple-straightforward words? Wait, did any LEARNED soul in the hall understand me? Or is it that they did not listen to me? Whatever be it. I KNOW, I was GOOD, and that’s enough for me. But, maybe my gamble of trying the Sciences’ luck without Literature went against me. Oh.. That’s quite POSSIBLE. Which means, how much ever I try to run away from Literature by hiding behind Science, it will find and TERRORIZE me. I will have to start fighting it, to CONQUER it.”

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