“Learn, live and love…I am sure that the entire team of “Les amis de sejour” ( as we called ourselves ) will agree…is the quintessence of our visit to France.

“Learn “ French started right in the flight, announcements were in French. We were warmly received by our hosts on arrival!

“Live” – started with purchasing the tickets in the railway station, changing trams and buses, interpreting the signals, getting adjusted to the right hand traffic, lovely French host families, meeting members of the family, visit to the flea market, wine and fine dining at every meal, visits to parliament europe, european council, human rights court, parks..….the list is endless!

We were immersed in the language in the form of interactive and entertaining classes in AF, fete de la musique, guided tours locally and in the nearby chateau, voleries, museums, historical sights of importance in Strasbourg and Paris. All the trips were well organised and carefully chosen to expose us to the best of the French architecture, arts and way of life, in the very short time that we had there.

How can anyone, but not fall in “love” with all that France has to offer? The plush green countryside, magnificent monuments, relaxed and good quality of life in everything, the easy charm of the romantic French, the bistros, the obsession of food and fine dining, beauty everywhere……a fortnight is too short. I am still spinning in the nostalgic magic of the country! I already look forward to the next trip.”

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