Vengeance Prologue

12 Years Ago, my father worked for the UNG. The United Nations Gaurdian. This was the organization started and funded by 192 nations. They had all the newest technology and military weapons there was. They were invincible.If there was a hostile country threatening to start a war, the UNG was the organization that ended it in an instant. Thus,the world was save from any threat that stood before it.


It's All in Your Head - Chapter 1

The air is cold and moist. My feet have never been this agile. I’m running; I can’t stop. I breathe in; I feel a stinging sensation in my throat; I need to stop. This isn’t an option right now. If she catches up to me, It’s over. I want to live. I keep running. Every corner seems to lead me down a never-ending road. I’m headed straight for the lake. I can’t turn around; I’ve already gone too far. I don’t hear her behind me anymore. She found me.


Goa for Three

Beach at Goa - green and inviting

This is a blend of travelogue and fiction. The fiction has basis but no limitation of confining to reality. It is Goa a couple of days ago beautiful serene and exciting, depending on how you look at it, but definitely refreshing and compulsive in making people come alive.


A Day Between Two Writers, Part One

When she answered the phone she was in a state of complete dishevelment. This bothered her when the voice on the other end announced he would be dropping by her apartment in less than half an hour.

She grabbed a shirt and pants ensemble that she had grown quite fond of and quickly dressed herself before heading to the bathroom to wash the oil from her face that had appeared overnight. As she was reaching for the towel on the rack behind her his name appeared on her phone screen informing her of another incoming call.



A Betrayal Scene

My favourite bands and some friends of mine were playing at a music festival. It was close enough for me to go to but too far to commute the whole week, so I ended up splitting a couple hotel rooms with some friends.

The festival, and even the whole trip, was supposed to be a much needed distraction for me after losing her. Her name was Anna and she died in an accident on the highway. She didn’t even make it to the hospital, pronounced dead on the site.


A Morning Scene

The morning sunlight began to trickle in through the openings in the curtains. My legs were overheating in the places where the sunlight fell directly on them. I tried to curl up to move them out of the light and accidentally hit Nick in the process. He didn’t make a sound and I thought maybe he didn’t even notice until he reached his arm around me to pull me closer to him, kissed my head through all my bed head, and whispered ‘good morning’ in my ear.

‘Morning,’ I sighed back to him as I opened my eyes. I turned my head to the right to see his face sheepishly smiling at me.


A Balcony Scene

I was never that afraid of heights. Maybe that’s why I chose jumping off a building rather than a gun or pills.

24 floors, that should be high enough right? Not too high that I have too much time to think on the way down, but high enough that it will ensure I don’t get back up.

If there were a time and place to die, this would be it.

I had recently been touring with my band and it ended in Phoenix, my hometown. And despite the adoring fans, the sold out shows, the goosebumps I would get on stage, I just kept sinking lower and lower.


Awry Brothers

“I should have been elder instead of you” is commonly used by Lakshman during conflicts. Why? Because potatoes exploit the value of meat .what did ram exploit? Ram and Lakshman are good disciplined young boys. Ram has a personality which doesn’t like routine life and need change while Lakshman does everything perfectly and neat. Lakshman treats him as an untouchable person when he is sneezing, drilling his nose, eating .mother with one child makes her a parent but two makes them referee.