The Treasure Hunt at Torsades-2014 AIIMS Bhopal

The second clue at Library

TORSADES- the first college fest held over 3 days with a variety of programs of which the Treasure Hunt was the event I was looking forward to with utmost excitement. I love this game as it stirs up the hidden curiosity which continues to propel us, like hunters, till the treasure is found. There was lot of anticipation on the way it was going to be organized and how successful it would be! At the beginning of program, all were asked to assemble in lecture hall2(lt2)where further instructions would be given. All the participants were asked to register themselves in groups of 3.


Clearing 4 Teeth Whitening Myths

Watching TV commercials and seeing ads and billboards of teeth whitening models, one can't help it, but also have that inner desire to have the same pearly white teeth. Of course, while some of us may be born with a good set of teeth, there are a lot of factors that can cause teeth discoloration. It may be because of age, genetics, vices like smoking, consuming staining substances like coffee and tea, medication like antibiotics, and so on.