How to Prevent Social Media Insecurity

When a friend of yours posts on social media, you have to realize that what they’ve posted is only one special moment from their lives. You can’t see everything else behind the scenes. What their lives are truly like behind those fun, amazing social media posts, we'll simply never know.

We all face it. Some of us are more open about it, and some of us keep it to ourselves. Nevertheless, at some point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with social media insecurity. It’s a challenge to not compare ourselves to role models or even friends who post amazing things on their Facebook or Instagram timeline. They’re off doing something spectacular, and you? You’re just scrolling through your feed beginning to evaluate your own life and wondering if you’ll ever have a life like theirs. Some of us shrug off this insecurity quickly, but others can’t do so easily.

10 Upcoming Events Every Woman Needs to Look Into!

 The Ultimate Women’s Expo (Los Angeles May 19th-20th), The United State of Women (May 5th- 6th) and the Women Speak: The Empowerment Movement (May 16th)

Women are changing the game! We are finding our voices and becoming more and more unafraid of using them. Women’s marches and hashtag movements are just some of the ways to get involved, make a difference, and ultimately change the world. There is strength in numbers as we have seen, and these upcoming events are leading the way.

Waist Training Corsets In Various Types, Shapes And Purposes

White Wedding Brocade Steel Boned Corset

Corsetry has been the talk of the mouth of many fashion enthusiasts since it started most particularly for women. Some see it as an underwear item while others consider it as a way to re-shape their body and boost up their confidence. Having said that, corset clearly has an important role in our history and in today’s modern society. Let us discuss the different types, shapes and purposes of corset including waist training corsets.

Shapes of Waist Training Corsets