File a Content Removal Request

File a Content Removal Request


The content posted on the website are the individual properties of the users who posted it. In addition, the user who posted assumes the responsibilities for any copyright infringement issues that may arise in the future.

However, at times, we do accept that copyrighted content do get posted, amidst all the precautions we take. So if you ever happened to notice such content (either textual or graphical) on the website, or you want a content removed because it infringes anyone else's copyright, please drop an email at with the following information:

1. The URL to the page on this site that holds the content in question

2. The URL to the original place of the content, where the copyright had been infringed

3. Your name and your interest in this issue (optional)

Rest assured, we promise you that we will respond to you as fast as we can, we will notice the user who uploaded the content, and we will get it removed from the site, once and for all.