Why AAP Won't Work?

Why AAP Won't Work?

When a movement travels from TV room discussions to streets to election campaigns and the Delhi parliament...it definitely means business. It is surprising how Kejriwal has become a household name within a matter of months. good job..however there is a snitch in this movement...it relies on the most unreliable and dubious factor in any civilization- citizen involvement and participation.What AAP government literally stands for is, "Dear Public, Sorry to inform you but your days of getting up one holiday morning going to vote and sleeping again for another five years are over. Time to wake up and help me to get this country sorted out!" Are we as citizens ready for such kind of responsibility?

To begin with, lets describe the common man or 'Aam Aadmi'. if there is one word that could describe him, it is- "stuck". He is stuck in the whole 'janjal' and 'moh maya' of life.Running doors to pillars to somehow make two ends meet.. grabbing some amount of food to feed himself his family, getting some form of shelter, earning a living by a respectable maybe not so respectable employment, handling the dependency of growing up kids and growing old elderly and perhaps stealing some amount of luxury from life. The common woman stands worse, for she already stands on a lower pedestrian in the society and faces all the disability that comes with it. If working, she is almost dead, dead busy, dead tired. It is as if she carries the weight of the world on her, almost bare, bone sticking out, shoulders. She has to work, earn, even show professionalism at work, come back home, be the good mother, good wife and at least try being the good bahu. Do you realize how tied up these people are? Corruption, poverty, population control are basically only at the thought level. They think of their country most often in times of power cuts, water shortages, or maybe when they fall into a ditch by the road. therefore if there is a strike or anshan the aam aadmi willingly gives a day or two, he cares, but beyond that it interferes with his survival. But guess what the next days editorial says- 'Indian public absolutely coldblooded- deserts movement in the lurch'. The whole situation is kind of funny in its own way..however on this front congratulations to Kejriwal for he has decided to take the movement from this street protest (which turns out to be a waste of time for the common man) to the parliament as an organised political reform, SOLID!

For years now we have seen politics revolving around the baseless desires of the common man- scooties, laptops, nanos, plasma TVs. For once, Kejriwal brings promises based on the needs of the common man, stuff like subsidized water, food, electricity, public transport, employment, safety... working on the whims of the mass was clever dear congress and BJP, however focusing on the rightful demands of citizens- Smart move! Coming back to the topic, why AAP wont work? Another reason is, because it relies on the integrity of people. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say that Indians lack integrity, just that they have too many problems. Though a part of the population is willing to accept political reform, there are many who are 'alright', 'fine' by the way things are going but seem to have a billion issues, questions and doubts about the AAP strategy. Why not trust? Experiment? Just give them a shot?...Nah! In India we have a problem for every solution, and it's not only in big things regarding politics or nation..it's everywhere. In offices, homes, colleges, schools, everywhere. It is our birthright to trample over any initiative that is not ours. Instead of encouraging people, we discourage them. For AAP to work, this mentality will have to change.

Furthermore, we hate taking up responsibility. Lets look at the night of 16th December 2012, streets of Delhi,the unfortunate date and venue of the Nirbhaya incident. Society sets up the crime, the sinner commits it. I wondered why everyone was asking for a death statement. Shouldn't they die of guilt themselves? After the rape, the girl lay there naked and the same society just stood there peaked with judgmental eyes and left shamelessly. Then, when it became all cool and sexy to protest, people started protesting. It is so easy to just sit and protest but so difficult to actually promise yourself- the next time I see a girl in trouble, I will risk my life to save her. It is easier to fight for your principles than to live up to them. the same night 13 homeless people on the streets of Delhi died of cold. These deaths could have been prevented at a much lower cost but it's not sexy to protest about these poor homeless. Hopefully Kejriwal isn't that shortsighted. For AAP to work or for that reason for any government to work, people have to stand for people. There is no shortcut to that.

We have lost the ability to trust, perhaps because of being fooled so often. We don't even trust each other, forget the government.When all the news was about- 'Will AAP be able to fulfill its promises?' Kejriwal said that opposition is asking these questions because they don't trust, they are misleading the public..Wrong! they were only playing on the common man's fear...It is them who fear, who doubt, who don't trust. AAP supporters are people who take initiative, support initiative, take responsibility and trust.The wonderful thing being that through this movement we know that India has a substantial number of such people.Dear Kejriwal this is not such a common thing and these are not 'aam aadmis'. These are what heroes look like in real life. Jai Hind

Submitted by Rana Prathap Tue, 01/21/2014 - 00:32

Well, in scenarios like this, the only think that we can tell will be to wait and see, as there had been innovations that won and sustained, and there had been others as well, that flopped and flew away in the passage of time, like an Utopian remnant. With the flow of things, I would say AAP is really getting things done. Will it fall into the deep pit of corruption? We will have to wait and see.

Submitted by pradeepmuthoor Tue, 01/21/2014 - 11:46

AAP is held together by one man, that is Kejriwal. I think it is only Kejriwal that people trust. No movement can make long lasting headway in such a situation. AAP will perform better as a corrective force to those in power rather than hold on to power themselves.

Submitted by suzanne Sat, 02/01/2014 - 11:31

Hi! I think it is shorsighted to think that the whole AAP movement is bieng run by 1 man...the media is projecting just kejriwal because a face sells better than a mass..the ground realities may be different. I personally do not believe that such a wholesome fire is the result of the motivation of just 1 man...kejriwal more than a name of a person, is now a noun that represents the thinkers of AAP

Submitted by Devanshi Khetarpal Tue, 02/25/2014 - 13:08

Well, it's been some time now after the elections. I saw this article just today and would like to express my thoughts. At first, I felt AAP's system of 'mohalla politics' is not going to work. I thought Delhi is not ready for such a quick shift from a representative democracy to a participatory democracy. Now, when I look at the 49-day legacy AAP has left behind, it leaves me surprised in many ways. Firstly, elections took place in Delhi, M.P., Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram. All projects and schemes remain stagnant in these states till date but look at Delhi. You need to agree that AAP is made solely for 'aam aadmi'. In interviews and independent surveys, the aam aadmi of Delhi truly feels liberated. Secondly, AAP maintains transparency. Their website is unlike the websites of any other political party I have seen. Thirdly, Arvind Kejriwal seems very honest, precise and clear in his ideals. Moreover, he is sticking to his policies that have been laid down by extremely well-educated policy makers like Yogendra Yadav and Atishi Marlena and many more. I have to say, though, things did go a bit unorganised and very unorthodox. So far, none have fallen into traps of Corruption and I hope they don't. AAP still has a lot to show. This might just be one dimension. I have always found it very exciting to see how they move and I want to see more political parties like it.

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