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They say that Medical Education and Training is amongst the toughest of all
Kamal K Anand

The OPD Chronicles

They say that Medical Education and Training is amongst the toughest of all. Books heavier than your heads may be common with other streams too, but not everyone gets the lovely chance to dissect and appreciate the beautiful details of the divine creation-the human body. Here is an account of a routine clinical posting session.

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tongue tied
Sruthy Mohan


Malayalam and Hindi languages share common words – some thankfully meaning the same thing to both a Keralite and a Hindi-speaker, some others, very annoyingly, mean different things. Here’s how the above fact found me in a very embarrassed and helpless position the last day.

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Finger print analysis and the body of crime

Corpus Delicti

Moser was dead. Sitting on an overstuffed chair in his office in arrested aggression and eyes wide open, he was stabbed by a dagger in

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Degraded Bones
Rana Prathap

Medico Legal Importance of Bones

Bones are defined to be rigid organs that constitute part of endoskeleton of vertebrates. Bones are important medico-legally in various aspects as it can provide various evidences to establish the identity, time since death and cause of death of the person.

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First Year MBBS experience sarath rs , sashmi sashidharan, shiv gopal , AIIMS BHOPAL subcentre visit during Community and Family Medicine [CFM] postings.Photo clicked by Dr. Abhijith Pakhare

My First Year MBBS Experience

25 July 2013. Historians did not mark anything significant in their record books about this day as nothing special happened on this day, according to

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