Waist Training Corsets In Various Types, Shapes And Purposes

Waist Training Corsets In Various Types, Shapes And Purposes

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Corsetry has been the talk of the mouth of many fashion enthusiasts since it started most particularly for women. Some see it as an underwear item while others consider it as a way to re-shape their body and boost up their confidence. Having said that, corset clearly has an important role in our history and in today’s modern society. Let us discuss the different types, shapes and purposes of corset including waist training corsets.

Shapes of Waist Training Corsets

Corset is designed in various shapes to fit a woman’s waist. There are plenty of available options you can choose but the most common ones include waist cincher and hourglass and conical shaped corsets. Other shapes are the S bend, Elizabethan and the pipe stem. Hourglass shaped corset is designed to fit around the ribs and make a quite curvy waist. Waist cincher or Waspie or Waist Training is designed to hold the stomach and is suitable for short people with short torso. The conical shaped corset comes in straight form creating an upside cone figure that holds down from the top to the waist.

Waist Training Corsets For Different Body Types

When buying waist training corset, the second consideration is the person’s body type. There are those who are taller, curvier, those with the slim body, petite and plus size. Any types of corset may suit those with an average body figure. If you are tall but has a slim build, you must add emphasis on your bust to make it look fuller by wearing a chest beaded trim or cinched in waist to come up with an hourglass look. If you are five feet short, a shorter corset is perfect for you. If you are short and full figured, go for the one that pushover your waits and highlight your curves. For tall full figured ladies, longer boned waist training corset might suit best. Those women with athletic build must keep their shoulders uncovered so that it appears small. If her body has a heavy bottom, trimmed corset is her best type to wear. If you are focusing on your waist or belly, waist training corsets are the best to shape your waist size or belly. Finally, an apple shaped corseter should wear corset to push in the stomach and make it look flat.

Corset in Several Purposes

Corset can be used in many purposes and in various occasions. Most people wear waist training corsets to reduce their waist size. Fashion corsets can be worn as a lingerie or match with any clothing type. It can go with garters, jeans, shirts, dress, skirts and many more and can create a slim and sexy look. It can be worn underneath a dress, under suit or can be worn as is. Anyone who are planning or wanting to know more about this fashion style and the ins and outs of it should do their own research. It is the buyer’s responsibility to know what type of corset is appropriate for them.

Waist training corsets are continuing to increase its popularity due to its instant and dramatic effect not just to the body shape but also to one’s personality. It is becoming more famous as it significantly helps shape and reduces waist size safely. Moreover, corset is designed with style and function in mind.

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