Three Things Men Can Focus on to Improve Your Self-Image

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 16:12

We live in a culture where many women struggle with self-image, the mental image we have of ourselves. Women are constantly bombarded by the media on what to wear, and how to act. The result is a poor self-image that leaves them feeling insecure and unsure of themselves. What about men? Do we struggle with the same issue?


Of course!


Men usually go two routes when perceiving themselves. They’re either totally confident in their own shoes, which, if you are, I have this to say to you…






They go about it the “Elsa” way… conceal, don’t feel.


How do I know this of men? Well, I’m a keen observer of people, I’m fascinated by human nature, and, when it comes to my personal self-image, well, that’s a battle I had to overcome.


So, gentlemen, what advice do I have for you to help you in your battle? How can I help you begin the path to restoring, or discovering a strength you thought you lost or never had?


Well, here are 3 things that can get you started!




You might be thinking to yourself… Really? Beauty? come on! I’m not fond of cliches, but I have to admit that when you look good, you feel good.


Whenever I take time to look my personal best, confidence begins to take hold of me. I am bolder, which affects my self-image positively to the point where I don’t need to consistently alter my image to feel good.


So, my dear friends, if beauty is something you’ve never tried, I suggest taking a day to look your personal best. Trim your beard or try out a bold, new haircut!


I suggest checking out Mobile Styles, an amazing app that brings the professional stylist you need anytime, anywhere!

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There’s more than just exterior looks that begin to change when you decide to work out and alter your nutrition for the better. There’s a mental and emotional change that occurs, as well. After one simple visit to the gym or finishing a hike, you begin to feel good. You feel accomplished! Despite the challenge and the pain, you did it. This simple act begins to improve your self-image for the better.


So, take some time out of your day to focus on your physical health. 30-minutes a day exercising will do wonders for your self-image and well-being.




Guys, how often do you make time for yourself? We’re all different. We're also all on different paths in our lives. Some of us are college students, fathers, full-time employees, or something in between, but we all have to remember to make time for ourselves. Do something that makes you happy.


I like to go to my local AMC theatre and catch a new flick for me-time. This particular location has recliner seats and is not as busy as other AMC theatres.


By taking some time for yourself, you’re able to do something you love, while becoming more comfortable being by yourself, and improve your self-image!


These are three things that can help you start on improving your self-image, fellas! (And ladies, this advice goes everyone!)


Be sure to check out Mobile Styles when you decide to look and feel your personal best!

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