“Mummy, when will Papa come back?”
“He must be on his way! It’s too late, you eat and go to bed.”
Saying this she offered me my silver plate, only to hear,
“No I’ll eat only with Papa!”

At 11pm he came back and as a routine gave a gentle tap on my head, and we had dinner together. Mummy ate after us and went to wash utensils. Though no one ever told me what my papa does, but surely he was a very popular and respected man of our village. Our family also had the priviledge to buy anything without giving money in return, unlike common people!

The time then came which changed my life, that was entering a new school, a coed school! I was literally fed up with my previous “girls only” school! The first day, the first class, the first bench, the first boy I talked to, eventually became my best friend. He was new in our village. As time passed by, we became more than just friends; All happiness, sadness, misery that we experienced, we shared. And just before my 17th birthday, we realised that we live for each other, that we are in love! We started going out after school. But the way those villagers looked at me, whenever I was with him was stinging. I have stoppped myself from telling their behaviour to papa many times, otherwise they would have been kicked out of the village.

One bright day, we were sitting near my Papa’s land discussing future, discussing about telling our love to families. Though it was a very easy task for me, for him it was  difficult, some caste issues he said. There I saw the least expected figure at that very moment; my father! Thinking of this as the best time to accomplish my part of telling, I stood up and waved my hand for him. He came to us, but unexpectedly he passed me, first time without tapping my head, straight to…him, with a very different look from usual, with a look I have never seen before. Someone caught me from behind while I was shook by that look. Papa shot 3 bullets in his chest…

Everything from that point looked too dull and slow to me. I could even remember the 4th bullet passing through my head, with absolutely no pain… And I was sad, thinking,”I must be such a bad girl that, a person like my father had to do such a thing.”

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  1. 3 lessons I learnt :

    3 lessons I learnt :

    1) All the lovers,Please expect the unexpected 😀
    2) Don’t t love,if your fear to die !
    3) Possesing guns is still necessary (For self defense) 😉

    1. thanks for your comment,
      thanks for your comment, about the story, “fear to die” is always present, its absence in any character would not have changed the outcome of the story!
      this example was to put forward the inferior mental and social condition of some major demographic areas in india, while government is more focused on making india digital, i personally believe that digital and bad india is not the need, what is required is simple and GOOD india! once we have achieved this goal then we can think of other technical advancements.

  2. 2016? Title made me expect
    2016? Title made me expect something like “emptiness I our relationships” but I something very different came out in the end. Good work!!!

    1. thanks dilan, this article
      thanks dilan, this article was to acknowledge the modern people that such places and people do exist in 2016 too. there are multiple cases going on unregistered too, i believe if all cases are reported, then it will certainly be seen as a major public problem we are facing today!

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