life is short

The life of an Indian student is actually really, in fact truly hard. Having done all my exams and passing them all with distinction is in fact not enough to get into a very good college. I am pretty sure that my fellow mates are also facing the same thing. It is hard because at this stage of life you are more under pressure than you were while you were studying for your 12th boards. I understand because I am in fact going through the same situation. A child definitely knows what he/she wants from his/her life which parents don’t understand! They all want their sons and daughters to be an engineer or a doctor. I have not done quite well in my entrance exams and I have to hear about it every day. The most amazing thing is that I am not at all interested to be a doctor. It is hard, because our parents expect us to think first about their dreams than yours. I am fully non supportive of this theory. Life is too short to live according to our parents will. 

In this journey of life we have to stay strong and not lose faith in God. He is definitely there and is just testing our patience. A lot of students facing this kind of situation probably don’t want to live any more. But folks, worry not. Everything happens for good. I don’t yet know where my professional life is going to end up, but I hope you people know where you all are heading.

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  1. Hai Saniyah22, one thing you
    Hai Saniyah22, one thing you will have to understand is that not everyone will get what they truly want in life. It is the ability of converting “what they have” into “what they want” that actually matters. I still cannot understand why you hate being a doctor, as being a healer is a very noble and satisfying profession. However, I understand that it is highly demanding and it is difficult for most people-difficult, but not impossible. Now that you are into this, try to enjoy what you are doing, and I am sure you will start liking it, slowly.

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