How to Prevent Social Media Insecurity

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 15:15

We all face it. Some of us are more open about it, and some of us keep it to ourselves. Nevertheless, at some point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with social media insecurity. It’s a challenge to not compare ourselves to role models or even friends who post amazing things on their Facebook or Instagram timeline. They’re off doing something spectacular, and you? You’re just scrolling through your feed beginning to evaluate your own life and wondering if you’ll ever have a life like theirs. Some of us shrug off this insecurity quickly, but others can’t do so easily.

So, how can you prevent the social blues? Here are some helpful tips!

1. Realize You’re Only Seeing Half The Picture

When a friend of yours posts on social media, you have to realize that what they’ve posted is only one special moment from their lives. You can’t see everything else behind the scenes. What their lives are truly like behind those fun, amazing social media posts, we'll simply never know. You have to realize that we are all human and we all have our battles to face. You might not get a full glimpse of your friend’s life, but by just acknowledging that they’re human too, you’ll begin to feel like you’re not alone in your own struggle.

2. Value Yourself

Take a second to step back and list all the special things about yourself. What do you value the most? If you’re having trouble thinking of anything, that’s ok. I suggest seeking friends and family members to remind you of the special traits you possess.

3. Go Offline

Maybe you’re in too deep with the social blues. Try going offline. That means no social media of any kind. Unplug and allow yourself to sink back into reality. Try going a full week without checking your Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or other platforms. It's going to be a challenge at first, but you can do it. Staying away from social media stops you from comparing yourself to everyone and overanalyzing everything you do or say.

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