How to Make Learning Physics an Interesting Experience

How to Make Learning Physics an Interesting Experience

How to Make Learning Physics an Interesting Experience

Physics is Interesting

Most high school students complaint about their difficulty in mastering physics. They consider physics as the most difficult subject next to mathematics. What makes physics difficult for some and easy for others is the same thing- approach. Given below are some methods that can be implemented in your study habits to make learning physics as interesting experience.

1.Master the Basics:

Constructing a house cannot be done without a strong foundation. Spending the major portion of your available time in mastering the basics will help you to master the most complicated parts quite easily. This will help to save a lot of time.

2.Have a conceptual approach:

Physics is a conceptual subject. It should be studied conceptually. This means understanding the general consequences of any theory or law is more important than understanding its application in any specific example situation. A simple example may include studying the derivations more than the equations. This will ensure that you don’t forget the equations and the concepts. Never leave any area unclear as this would prevent you from going deep on the remaining parts.

3.Never study for the exams:

Physics is not a subject that you can mug up and vomit in an examination. It has the beauty that it explains the behavior of the nature. For example, while studying fluid dynamics, try to describe the motion of water in any simple situation near you. You may or may not succeed. Even if you succeed, try to talk about it with your friends or teachers. This helps a lot in eliminating the misconcepts. Slowly, you will start to like the subject.

4.Master the language of physics:

Mathematics is the language of physics. A good grip in mathematics can imply a corresponding grip in physics. The two subjects are highly interrelated. It is evident from the experience of Sir Isaac Newton where the tool he started to analyze the motion of objects turned out to be one of the biggest branches of mathematics- the calculus.

5.Read outside your book:

Your text book, study material, or notes should not limit your territory. The more you try to understand advanced physics, the clearer your basics will become. The book “Feynman’s lectures in physics” is a readable material for those who likes to get a grip on advanced physics with limited basics in hand. The attitude from the contemporary teachers who sticks to the syllabus should not discourage you.


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