DIY Activities for the Holidays

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 14:37

The holidays are here, and the festivities are starting. Whether it’s simply baking your families favorite cookies or getting ready for relatives to come barreling in, there is no time like the present than to start getting ready for all the events that are about to take place. One of my favorite ways to get ready for the holidays is by implementing DIY projects that not only entertain and bring everyone together but also secretly get everyone to help with tasks such as decorating, without them knowing it.


1. Make a wreath
My personal favorite (although not that exciting) is a garland wreath. In order to make this yourself, all you need is garland (obviously), green floral wire, fake berries, and lights. First, create a loop out of the wire and tie it off. Next, add layers of garland attached by hot glue, until you feel it’s bushy enough. Lastly, tuck in the fake berries and add the lights!

You can also add things such as miniature bulbs, or small picture frames to add some personal touch.


2. Make your own wrapping paper

There are multiple different ways you can do this activity - starting with what type of paper you desire to use. I personally love using watercolor paper because it doesn’t tear as easily as regular wrapping paper, and you can make a beautiful watercolor design on it. Buy watercolor paper at your favorite local art store, add some watercolor paint and brushes and get to painting! Next thing you know, you have the paper to wrap the gifts that you most likely still need to purchase.

You can also take this DIY project as a chance to recycle old paper such as newspapers. If you decide to go this route but don’t want the ugly writing of whatever was going on that week wrapped around your well thought out gift, purchase some white acrylic paint and cover it all up. Then you can decorate the paper however you please!


3. Get a lot of holiday cards? Make a board or a wall dedicated to them.

If you are really looking for an activity, you can take this one to the next level by making your own cork board. First, purchase or reuse a large picture frame. Then buy some rolled cork and a piece of foam board at an art store near you. After you get these materials, empty out all the extra bits that come with the picture frame and either put them to the side or toss them. Next, you’re going to measure the cork and cut it to the size of the back of the frame, and hot glue it down. I would recommend doing two layers of the cork. Then, cut the foam board to fit the back of the cork and glue them together. Finally, hang it up!

If you don’t feel like going above and beyond for this DIY activity, simply take a piece of ribbon and hang it on one of your walls. You can then easily pin the cards to the ribbon and create a sort of collage across your wall.

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