10 Tricks for the Perfect Summer Body

10 Tricks for the Perfect Summer Body

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 16:21

Have we all been working on our summer bodies? Yea, who are we kidding? Sometimes life gets in the way, and it’s understandable. But, it is very important to take time for ourselves. Summer is coming up rather quickly and there is no better time to start paying more attention to what we need. Everyone deserves the summer body they want and here are some tips to help you get there!

1.    Get tunnel vision

Think about yourself for a change! Get laser-focused on what you want for yourself. This tip can be applied to your entire life. This summer make it about you and watch how your attitude and life changes.

2.    Stress less

Utilize techniques that help you to relax. Meditation, yoga, and the like, may be worth looking into if you are want to be at peace and one with your mind and body

3.    Drink plenty of water (and lay off on the alcohol)

Water is one of the keys to life! It makes up the majority of the human body. Staying hydrated is key to keeping a sexy summer body. Hate to break it to you but alcohol is the anti-hydration. Make sure you keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. Opt for a club soda when you’re out for the night!

4.    Eat healthy and organic

Don’t diet! Diets don’t work. Instead, strive to eat healthier. This summer visit a few farmers’ markets for organic fruits and vegetables and add those to your diet. Try not to eat a lot of meat this summer. It may be yummy, but it’s also heavy. Trust me, your belly will thank you.

5.    Take your sweat sessions outdoors

Take your exercise outdoors! Hiking, swimming, outdoor yoga, and water sports are just a few of the fun activities that you can do to get your body moving. Being outside in the fresh air will help your mood as well as your body.

6.    Try sunless tanning

Sun is nice, but it’s not necessarily nice to your skin. For this reason, try out sunless tanning. There are a bunch of products to choose from for every budget. For a seamless tan, try sunless tanning spray instead of a lotion.

7.    Keep sunscreen nearby

Sun helps with producing vitamin D. But the sun’s harsh rays can damage your skin cells and in turn, your health. Make sure you apply sunscreen throughout the day to make sure you are covered…Literally!

8.    Pamper yourself

This is my favourite tip! Treat yourself to facials, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, and body wraps. Pampering yourself is a part of self-care and maintenance, perhaps the most fun part. Here’s another tip for you! Skip the appointments and order the services from the beauty on-demand app, Mobile Styles. You're welcome!

9.    Find your tribe

Make sure you have positive, encouraging, and fun people around you. Your friends can be a big influence on your life. And as they say, your closest friends are a reflection of you. And they should be as fabulous as you are!

10.  Pay attention to how you feel and make sure to rest

Get your sleep and make sure to relax throughout the day. Work, family, and other things can be stressful and we all need a break sometimes. Keep a close watch on how you are feeling. Your disposition is important in keeping your mind and body in sync.

Your summer body is about more than being chiseled. It’s about getting your body and mind on the same page. Use these tips and you will be well on your way to the best summer body of your life!

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